Grief Brings Heaven Or Hell.


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Grief comes like a quiet thief                                  

Found on Pinterest on 2-9-16..Graphicdesignfunction. Conceptual photography. Helping hand.

In the middle of the night.

It shakes and rattles the soul

And removes all that is bright.


Grief brings forth mighty rage

And takes away happiness.

It leads a soul to hell

To doubt God’s righteousness.


Grief causes a loss of reason

And brings the mind to its knees.

It often destroys trust

And causes hope to cease.


Yet, grief can cause the heart

To turn and reach for love.

It can bring the soul to ask

For God’s help from above.


Grief can bring forth change

In the life filled with despair.

It can cause a heart to give,

Help others, and show it cares.


It can cause a man to throw

His selfish pride to the ground,

And admit he can’t do it himself

Without God coming around.


Grief can bring heaven or hell

Into the life of a man.

It’s really up to him

To do whatever he can.



Prayer For The Dead.


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The sound of silence wraps me

In a blanket of soft white clouds.

I stand at your fresh-dug grave

And pray with my head bowed.


Only you and God can hear it,

These words whispered in my mind.

I pray you are free from your pain

And now have, what you wanted to find.


You deserve peace and comfort,

Free from the troubles of this world;

A body full of health and strength;

And your fingers straight, uncurled.


I know you must be in heaven,

Hearing the sweet angels sing.

Enjoy the many blessings 

Eternal Life can bring.



Favorite Poems I Like #9: “Who Loves A Garden.”


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Found on Pinterest on 6-1-17. Still flying by Mohan Duwal on Fivehundredpal.

Who loves a garden

Finds within his soul

Life’s whole;

He hears the anthem of the soil

While ingrates toil;

And see beyond his little sphere

The waving fronds of heaven, clear.




“I have always found peace and comfort in a garden. It is a magical place where miracles are found. Connection to God is palpable here.”    Yu/stan/kema.

Nature Is A Healer.


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When the world becomes too heavy

To carry on your back, my child,

Take some time to leave behind

All your worries in the Wild.


Learn to travel in the forest.                                                      

Found on Pinterest on 4-29-17. Mayford Woods, CrewKerne, Somerset.

Name the trees that you see.

Lie beneath them and study

Bark and leaves from every tree.


Kneel and study moss and lichens.

It’s a place where fairies play.

Ponder every tiny insect

As you walk along your way.


While the light fades to darkness,

Build a fire in a safe place.

Warm your fingers by the flames.

Thank God for this sacred space.


Learn to gaze upon the night sky.

Watch the stars blink and shine.                                       

Found on Pinterest on 12-17-16. Stephen Hayward. Stars

All your troubles will seem small,

As you sleep beneath the Pine.


In times of trouble, we are given

Gifts from God’s treasure store.

Nature has the power to heal us

And teach us so much more. 


The Breath Of Life.


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Sanctify, Oh sanctify,

This clean air I take inside.

Breathe it deep within my lungs

And exhale my wounded pride.


Glorify, Oh glorify,                                                 

Found on Pinterest on 8-5-16.

All the trees I walk beneath.

Teach my soul to touch the sky

And erase my unbelief.


Beautify, Oh beautify,

The flowers at my fingertips.

Inhale deep within each flower.

Sing their praises with my lips.


Magnify, Oh magnify,

All the blessings that I see.

Turn me from what’s negative. 

Focus on God’s majesty.


Sanctify and glorify

All the things within my soul.

Help me most to realize,

Nature’s gifts can make me whole.


Beautify and magnify

My faith and trust in God’s great art

And help me see His gifts for me

Come from a Father’s loving heart.


Breathe in and out the breath of life.

Breathe in deep and hold it fast.

Help me see the good in life

And erase my painful past.




Things Change.


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I saw sweet sorrow

Follow me around the bend

Of the road by the grave-site

Of my best friend.


The words I could not speak

Seem to stick inside my throat.

The things I never did

Now seem so remote.


I took the time to follow

The path that leads down

To the place where she lies,

Six feet under the ground.


My heart weeps for her.

This loss can shatter me.

I need to let go

And accept reality.


No one understands

All the reasons why,

People sometimes change,

Despite how hard you try.


Life can bring a gift 

And then take it back.

It’s not out of punishment,

Or some thing you  lack.


Nature teaches us

That life is often  strange.

Just when you get use to it,

Some thing else can change. 


A Band Of Brothers.


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Found on Pinterest on 7-21-18. Sarah Carol Ann Broaddus saved to wars(Vietnam).

We are a band of brothers

And we stand strong.

We look out for each other

Even though the days are long.


We are a band of brothers

Who don’t accept defeat.

We have fought in many battles 

On land and in the street.


We are a group of men

From all walks of life.

Our skins are different colors, 

And we fight with guns and knifes


We fight for truth and justice,

And the right to live free,

So others can be treated

With respect and dignity.


We fight our foes in battle.

We’re aware that we might die,

But we watch out for each other,

And we’re not afraid to cry.


We have seen our brothers fall

In battle as we fight.

When we have to close their eyes,

We know war isn’t right. 


We are taught to follow orders,

To get the job done,

To achieve different tasks

Until the battle is won.


We are a band of brothers,

In life and in death.

We will always feel connected

Until our last breath.


Summer In Kansas


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The rain falls gently                                              

Found on Pinterest on 7-19-18. My soul landscapes. paysages de l’ame-colecoes.. Google+.

On the grasses and trees.

The blazing days of summer

Can bring you to your knees.


The wheat grows tall

And the corn taller still.

In the state of Kansas,

You can hear the whippoorwill. 


The sun paints the sky 

With shades of pink and yellow.

Cows lie down beside

Wild flowers in the meadow.


Night comes slowly

With the dying of the light.

Peace comes quickly

As the stars shine bright.


Sounds of the insects

Can cause your eyes to close.

God laughs softly

When you start to doze.


The Reality Of Life.


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Life seems to be an endless

Cycle of events.

Some days you swear it all

Doesn’t make any sense.


There are days when it seems                      

Found on Pinterest on 7-24-17.

Things come together well

And life appears to be

Like a happy fairy tale.


Then there are times

When it all falls apart,

And you are left coping

With a shattered heart.


It is hard to keep a balance

Of the good and the bad,

And yet remain stable

When tears make you sad.


Just when you have it all,

Life throws you a curve.

You try to keep on going

And hope you keep your nerve.


You pull yourself together

And learn to say good-bye.

You hope you find meaning

In life before you die.




In Dying.


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Death comes like a robber 

In the middle of the night

And changes the faces

Of those we hold tight.


Found on Facebook Timeline on 7-24-17. Country and Farm Photography. Taken by Carolyn Anderson.

We sit beside the dying,

See the ravages of time

Reflected in our loved ones,

And feel it is a crime.


Because we feel cheated

That we’ll never see again

The energy of youth

And things that might have been.


We remember all the secrets

We wish we had told,

And words we left unspoken

While we both grew old.


No one knows the dreams

We hid deep inside,

Nor the precious moments

When we both gave in to pride.


So it is with sadness, 

We watch their last breath,

As they let go of life

To embrace the arms of death.