Losses Occur In Life.


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Found on Pinterest on 12-20-16 and facebook.com. Tammikuun Aurinko.

The River rises in the darkness,

And the wind snaps giant trees.

Cold moves down from the mountains,

And plants droop as they freeze.


The storm releases its fury,

And a huge tree falls down,

To lie helpless and alone

On the hard, frozen ground. 


Nature can hit without warning.

Destruction, can be the result.

Losses occur in life,

And often, it is nobody’s fault.


For storms are a part of nature,

And life gives and it takes.

Trees fall in the forest,

And loving hearts can break.




















Books That Feed My Soul.

In times of stress, books can inspire us, comfort us, and guide us when our hearts are overwhelmed with grief and anxiety. Here are the titles of some of my favorite books. May they bring a little peace into your lives.


  1. Love You Forever. Robert Munsch.
  2. Into the Wilderness. Stephen Lyman.
  3. Leaves From A Child’s Garden Of Verses. Robert Louis Stevenson.
  4. Mother West Wind Series. Thornton W. Burgess.
  5. Life Lessons. Robert C. Savage.
  6. The Fall of Freddie the Leaf. Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.
  7. Friends. Jerry Gillies.
  8. God Moments For Women. Carolyn Larsen.
  9. Favorite Poems: Old and New. Helen Ferris.
  10. On The Day You Were Born. Debra Frasier.
  11. Listening To Nature: How To Deepen Your Awareness of Nature. Joseph Cornell.
  12. Someone Special. Marilee Zdenek.
  13. Angel Kisses. Sandra Kuck.
  14. The Little Prince. Antoine De Saint-Exupery.
  15. The Girl, the Rock, and the Water. Caryn L. Summers, R.N.
  16. Any Books By Gene Stratton-Porter.
  17. Bedside Blessings. Charles Swindoll.
  18. 50 Things You Need To Know About Heaven. Dr. John Hart.
  19. Bedside Prayers. June Cotner.
  20. Total Forgiveness. R.T. Kindall.
  21. The Gift of Therapy. Irvin D. Yalom, M.D.

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Reflections On Persistence:

Good memories are what gets us through the hard times. Our world is full of chaos and many people are feeling anxious. It helps when we can laugh when we are full of pain, some of the time. Looking back on this part of my life, helps me laugh.


While I was growing up, I lived a very sheltered life. I had lived in four different agencies that cared for children by the time I was eighteen. My social skills were limited and I had never traveled anywhere until I entered college.

In college, I was fortunate in finding  work while I attended school. I learned how to spend money on root beer floats and hamburgers. I didn’t have a car and most students who lived in the dorms  stayed on campus for lack of transportation. We became a close-knit community out in the middle of no where, far from the rest of civilization.

As a freshman, our stately institution created an initiation for the first year students. It was called “Fish Week.” I had to wear a dorky looking cardboard hat on my head that stayed in place with an elastic string that rested under the chin. Trust me, it…

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Where Did The Good Times Go?


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I miss seeing people smile,                                  

Found on Pinterest on 5-30-17. Painting of Vicente Romero. Polly Weitering Art Paintings.

Taking the time to help each other,

Sitting down at the kitchen table,

And complimenting one another.


I miss seeing children read,                                    

Playing outside in the sunlight,

Laughing so hard they cry,

And walking together at night.


I miss children saying hello, 

Gathering flowers for the old,

Asking questions about God,

And sharing mittens when it’s cold.

Found on Pinterest on 5-8-16. The rain.


What happened to this world                               

 When we all fell asleep?

Technology took control,

And all we do is weep.


It’s Raining In My Heart.


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The rain falls gently in

The early morning light. 

A wall of gray clouds

Keeps the sun out of sight.


Rain drops sound like                              

Found on Pinterest on 5-15-17. Myriam-Kemper.de

Tiny little feet

Dancing on the surface

Of my window seat.


The rain hits me hard 

In the center of my heart.

Nothing is the same

When a friendship falls apart.


Storm clouds block

The sun from getting in,

Because my soul knows,

I’ve lost my best friend.


Rain can comfort us,

Or it can cause great pain. 

It can change our history,

Where nothing feels the same.


We can decide to leave,

Or we can choose to stay,

Knowing the pain inside

May never go away.


The Meaning Of Faith.


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In the early morning hours,

A spider woke from sleep.

Her children were snoring.

She could not make a peep.


She knew they’d be hungry,                              

Found on Pinterest on 9-24-17. photography blogger.

So she hurried on her way.

She had a task to do,

To spin a big web that day.


So she put her needs aside,

And spun a thing of wonder….

She worked until she dropped,

and heard a peal of thunder.


She knew she could not tarry,

So she said a little prayer

And hoped that God would send

A swarm of flies through the air.


She was certain He would help 

Catch a bunch of flies. 

So she went back home,

To look her children in the eyes.


“Come, my little ones,

Wake and follow me,

For God has sent a feast,

For all of us to see.”


“Eat until you’re full,                                        

Found on Pinterest on 9-24-17. Photo by j chants on flickr.com.

Before the sun sets tonight.

Then, thank God for this food,

And experience His delight.”


So the children followed her,

And saw that it was true.

There really was a God,

Who would be there for you.






Learning A Lesson In Patience.


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A little bug crawled on the ground,

Pulling himself with ease.

He stopped for a moment to look up,

And he felt the summer breeze.


He slowly moved through the grass,                          

And climbed over smelly things.

He refused to stay on the ground.

He wanted a pair of wings.


His friends became concerned

That he was out of his mind,

And needed to accept what was,

Or he’d be left behind.


But the bug wanted to fly

In a sky filled with blue.

He knew if he tried hard,

It was something he could do.


So he struggled with all his heart,

To attach some wings to his back.

After a while it was clear,

He needed to back-track.


So he climbed a tall tree,

And attached to a twig.                                  

Found on Facebook Timeline on 11-3-16. Johanna Hurand

He slept for a while,

As his cocoon grew big.


Later, He found himself,

Struggling to get free,

Of a cocoon surrounding him,

That hung in the tall tree.


He tugged and he pulled,

As he slipped out,

Into the bight sunlight,

A butterfly….no doubt.


He drifted down to a rock,

To dry his wings in the wind.

He was happy he took a risk.

He was more than he had been.


All it took was faith in himself,

And patience for a while,

For a bug to be able to fly,

Through the air with great style.



Love Is More Than Words.


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Love is more than saying a word

And more than giving quick hugs.

It’s taking the time to help lift

The burdens others lug.


Love is taking time for patience,                      

Found on Pinterest on 5-15-17. Coral Honeysuckle. Saved from Indulgy.com

When you want to yell and shout.

It is keeping your voice calm,

when you are full of doubt.


Love is standing by others,

Through the difficult years;

Giving support when needed,

And wiping away the tears.


Love is trying to listen,

When you want to give advice.

It’s thinking of others, not-self,

Being willing to sacrifice,


For others who need your care,

And need a helping hand.

It’s giving another respect,

And showing you understand.


It’s taking time for yourself

To renew the soul within;

Being kind when you make mistakes;

And becoming your best friend.


Love takes work and commitment, 

And the desire to forgive.

It’s being there when you’re needed,

Giving others the courage to live.




Struggling To Find Peace Within The Soul.

” We are in a time of change, a time of upheaval, and a time when our sense of security is being threatened. May the words above remind us all that after the storm, the peace will come.” Yu/stan/kema.


rocks-6- Ray Bilcliff. Found on Google +rocks-6 by Ray Bilcliff. Found on Google +.

This picture is beautiful. The storm clouds roll in, the waves increase, and the water cascades over the rocks. What was once tranquil, struggles to move further inland. The water swirls in many, different directions at the same time.

My mind has days like this such as I’m traveling down the pathway of life and I hit a rough patch. Problems occur or I have to deal with unexpected change. There is a part of me that knows I may have to do things I don’t  like in order to survive. I may have to accept feelings in myself I’m not proud of and  change current  assumptions I’ve based on past experiences. I may become exhausted trying to deal with internal conflicts of interest and feeling battered by my own perception of reality. I know life goes on and I must move…

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“It is so important to remember these words at this time. So many people are needing help and compassion. God does work through us. We all need to do our part, especially the Congress of the United States. People matter more than walls, more than nuclear bombs. Let us have the courage to carry forth the task God has so clearly set before us: Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself.” Yu/stan/kema.


Sad-lonely-quotes-for-boys-13; 11-22-2014. http:/www. treakupic.com 11-22-2014.  http:/www. treakupic.com

God Works Through You

God’s love flows like a river
Down the avenues of time.
It touches every one of us
With tenderness sublime.
It seeks out hearts grown weary,
And heads bowed low in shame.
It reaches out to sinners
Afraid to say His name.
Love comforts those with sorrow,
And those with deep despair.
Love kneels before the lonely,
And seeks to give them care.
God’s love resides inside you.
He looks out through your eyes.
Your voice calms the fearful.
Your words make them wise.
God’s reason for you coming
Is to spend your time with us.
You came to heal the wounded,
And show God’s blessedness.


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