When Death Comes.


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Do not cry for me when I have gone

To meet my Master by Heaven’s Gate.

Even though I’ll miss you so,

I will not hesitate

To let the angels carry me away

Beyond the shining stars

To learn my fate.

Do not weep for me, for I’m not here.

My pain is gone, and I am young again.

I run by rushing streams and fields of flowers

And stop to say “hello” to my old friend. 

I listen to the angels sing their songs,

As I sit before the throne of God,

And feel my heart and soul begin to mend.

Do not spend your time in sorrow,

For I’ll be waiting here for you.

I’ll just be around the corner

Until your life is through.

We will all meet in Heaven,

When it is your time to come.

And God will make us anew.


Writing Poetry


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When I was ten, I found a book

Of poetry at school.

I read the poems one by one.

Each poem was like a jewel.

Each book of poetry I read,

I held close to my heart.

I felt a passion in my soul

And felt my teardrops start.

I picked up a pen and felt

A power flow in me.

The words came quickly in my mind

And set my spirit free.

I read aloud the words that came

From a place inside.

Words danced and shimmered in the air.

I felt a sense of pride.

All the pain I could not bear

Found a sweet release,

And when I shared the words I wrote,

I felt a sense of peace.

I could not speak a word back then,

But saw that others heard

And read the message I sent

In the written word.

I learned that poems can transcend time

And break down walls we build;

And when real feelings are shared,

We find that we are healed.


Tomatoes In My Yard


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Growing tomatoes is

A worth while task.

I grow them in containers

And in the sun, they bask.


Some plants grow small tomatoes

And some are shaped like pears.

Others are like baseballs,

More than the stems can bear.


I smell the strong aroma

That tomato plants let loose.

It’s fun to watch the fruit grow 

When the plants produce.


I hold the ripe tomatoes

And study their skins.

Each one is a miracle,

A gift that God sends.


There is nothing like a garden

To show God’s loving care.

I often come in solitude

To speak to God in prayer.


Healing A Broken Heart.


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How do I heal a heart that is broken?

How do I learn to say good-bye

To someone whose been in my life forever,

When all I can seem to do is cry.

What do I do with the memories between us,

Values we shared from the very start,

Laughter that filled our time with joy,

And acts of caring that touched my heart.

The years have taken a toll upon you

And left me with losses I scarcely can bear.

The friend I once knew is no longer present.

I search in vain for her every where.

How do I live with the changes between us:

“What exists now and what use to be?”

Sorrow and sadness I carry within

For friendship is dying in me.

I’ll someday accept what I cannot change.

I’ll be grateful for memories we shared.

I’ll focus on the good times we had.

What matters is that I cared.


Politics in the U.S.A.


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Who is there to answer

a group who’ve lost their way?

They’ve given up their principles

and values they betray.


There’s no more pledge allegiance                                       


Found on Pinterest on 5-29-16.American Heroes. Tony Evans. John 15:13. The Bible.

to the Country of their birth.

They choose to blindly follow

a man of little worth.


They seek to overthrow

our Constitution with lies

and feel no remorse or guilt

as our Country dies.


They bully other people

to get them to submit.

They change the rules to suit

themselves and say it’s legit.


They refuse to compromise

with the other side.

They only try to get their way

and say it’s justified.


Until they come to understand,

we need one another

to survive in this world,

we’ll soon destroy each other.




Saying Good-bye


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Dear friend of mine,

My precious friend,

I’ll stay with you

Until the end.


I held you in my arms

When small

And watched you jump 

To catch a ball.


We  walked together

Down the street.

You matched my stride

With your sweet feet.


You watched my face

With loving eyes

And cocked your head                                                                      

When I would sigh.


You often slept

Next to my chair.                                                                      

I felt a love I

Could not bear.


Old age has left

Its mark upon

Your fuzzy face.

Soon, you’ll be gone.


I’ll meet, you friend,

At  heaven’s gate.

I’ll look for you, 

So don’t be late.                                                                    

ScanJ. dog0001

    By Yu/stan/kema on 2-18-16. Personal photograph.


Easter 2021


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Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16. Easter Resurrection Greeting Card. Robyn Stacey.

Pinterest photo. Easter Resurrection greeting card. Robyn Stacey.

Holy, Holy, Lord of all,

Help me when I stumble, fall.

Give me strength to rise again

Above this world full of sin.

Holy, Holy Spirit be

At home here inside of me.

Teach me how to live my life

Without stress and endless strife.

Holy, Holy, God most high,

Show me how “to not ask why.”

Help my faith in You grow strong,

And I will praise You all day long.

Holy Savior of my soul,

You died so I could be made whole.

When You arose from the dead,

You gave eternal life instead.

This Easter is a perfect time

To thank You for Your love sublime.

Your resurrection set me free

From death, sin, and misery.

I’ll celebrate the joy we share

And tell others that you care.

My life with Christ makes me strong

And gives me strength to change what’s wrong.


Everlasting Love


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Found on 2-11-17 on Pinterest. Vladimir Volegov. Don’t be afraid..volegov.com.

Wherever you go

My love will follow,

To give you great strength

To overcome sorrow.


You can climb a mountain

And swim in an ocean,

Endure the wide swings

Of  perpetual motion.


Still, you will find

And come to know:

“You are so loved,

Wherever you go.”


For a Mother’s love,

And the heart of a friend,

Will stay with you

To the very end.




Love Is The Answer.


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When the earth cries out in anguish

And methane grows underneath,

Explosions will rock the ground,

And men will gnash their teeth.

The sky will rain with ashes

As volcanoes rumble and roar.

Earthquakes will shake the earth.

“What are we living for?”

Wild storms will increase their fury

And tornadoes spin out of control.

Brave men will become heroes.

Selfish men will lose their souls.

When all of the chaos is over,

And the pandemic has run its course,

We’ll find that Love is the answer,

And Faith is its greatest source.


Overcoming Our Differences



The world has changed

since I was small.

We’ve lost our way

and built a wall

so high we cannot

scale its’ height,

and all we seem

to do is fight.

We’ve lost respect

and placed the blame

on those we hate.

They’re not the same.

We cannot seem

to compromise,

and we hurt others

with our lies.

When we erase


we close a door

and fail to see,

that underneath

the skin we wear,

there is much more

that we could share.

We have the choice

to now decide:

to close the door,

or open wide,

and overlook

our differences

and come inside.