Easter 2021


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Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16. Easter Resurrection Greeting Card. Robyn Stacey.

Pinterest photo. Easter Resurrection greeting card. Robyn Stacey.

Holy, Holy, Lord of all,

Help me when I stumble, fall.

Give me strength to rise again

Above this world full of sin.

Holy, Holy Spirit be

At home here inside of me.

Teach me how to live my life

Without stress and endless strife.

Holy, Holy, God most high,

Show me how “to not ask why.”

Help my faith in You grow strong,

And I will praise You all day long.

Holy Savior of my soul,

You died so I could be made whole.

When You arose from the dead,

You gave eternal life instead.

This Easter is a perfect time

To thank You for Your love sublime.

Your resurrection set me free

From death, sin, and misery.

I’ll celebrate the joy we share

And tell others that you care.

My life with Christ makes me strong

And gives me strength to change what’s wrong.


Everlasting Love


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Found on 2-11-17 on Pinterest. Vladimir Volegov. Don’t be afraid..volegov.com.

Wherever you go

My love will follow,

To give you great strength

To overcome sorrow.


You can climb a mountain

And swim in an ocean,

Endure the wide swings

Of  perpetual motion.


Still, you will find

And come to know:

“You are so loved,

Wherever you go.”


For a Mother’s love,

And the heart of a friend,

Will stay with you

To the very end.




Love Is The Answer.


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When the earth cries out in anguish

And methane grows underneath,

Explosions will rock the ground,

And men will gnash their teeth.

The sky will rain with ashes

As volcanoes rumble and roar.

Earthquakes will shake the earth.

“What are we living for?”

Wild storms will increase their fury

And tornadoes spin out of control.

Brave men will become heroes.

Selfish men will lose their souls.

When all of the chaos is over,

And the pandemic has run its course,

We’ll find that Love is the answer,

And Faith is its greatest source.


Overcoming Our Differences



The world has changed

since I was small.

We’ve lost our way

and built a wall

so high we cannot

scale its’ height,

and all we seem

to do is fight.

We’ve lost respect

and placed the blame

on those we hate.

They’re not the same.

We cannot seem

to compromise,

and we hurt others

with our lies.

When we erase


we close a door

and fail to see,

that underneath

the skin we wear,

there is much more

that we could share.

We have the choice

to now decide:

to close the door,

or open wide,

and overlook

our differences

and come inside.


Let The Light Shine.


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Shine the light that lies within you

Found on Pinterest on 10-24-16. Thich Nhat Hanh.

Given by a loving God.

Let its rays do the healing.

Let love be a lightning rod.

Let light overcome the darkness.

Let hope grow in every soul.

Let peace come to war-torn travelers,

For God’s grace shall make them whole.

There will be tribulations.

Loss will knock you to the ground.

You must rise to meet the challenge.

Soon, we’ll all be heaven-bound.

Be a part of building bridges.

Reach your hand to one another.

Put your differences aside,

And acknowledge he’s your brother.

Shine God’s light. Shine your light

Even in the darkest night.

Always try to do what’s right.

God’s protection is in sight.


The Gift Of Jesus Christ


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Found on Pinterest on 1-1-21.A Savior is born. Noahfineart.com Noah Elias.

   A little baby was born on earth

    On a holy night long ago.

    He was born in a manger on top of the hay,

     Because God loved us so.


   He worked with His hands as a carpenter,

   Yet He spoke in the Holy Temple.

   Christ walked around from town to town,

   And the message He gave was simple:


“Love My Father with all your heart                       

Innocence by lds-artist-David Bowman. Found on Pinterest on 3-3-15.

And choose to accept me as Savior.

Love your neighbor as yourself,

And stop your sinful behavior.”


“Feed the hungry and give to the poor.

Give away your worldly possessions.

Freely repent of the sins you commit,

And I will hear your confessions.”


“Believe in my teachings and receive

The gifts of the Holy Spirit,

For love and peace is the message I bring,

And I ask that your actions reflect it.”


A baby was born in Bethlehem,

So we could be absolved of sin.

We were given the gift of eternal life

And the hope of heaven within.





The Gift Of Memory At Christmas And The New Year.


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Found on Pinterest on December 10, 2015. Dave Bowman.

At times, like these, when we are going through so many difficult challenges, it can seem like the world is a lonely place when you are isolated from the people and the things that have always been so much of a part of the holidays. Many of us were unable to fly and see important people, those family members and friends who are so dear to our hearts. Some of us, because of health problems, were unable to make it to our places of worship.

Even though modern technology has made it possible to attend church on the internet, or our tv’s, not all of us do so. We each have choices we can make regarding how we get through this Christmas season.

Pinterest on the internet has wonderful pictures of Jesus and His birth. Most of us have holiday DVD’s we can play, Christmas carols we can listen to, Christmas books we can read. But most of us also have a gift we can tap into that can make our lives more enjoyable, and that can leave a warm fire burning in our hearts. We have the gift of being able to remember past Christmases. We have been given the ability to store experiences in our brains. The older you become, the memories become more vivid and real.

I can remember, as if it were yesterday, going to candlelight services on Christmas Eve with my husband and son. We stood in a room full of soft light from the candles, lighting up the faces of people around us, and celebrated the birth of Jesus while singing songs that drew us together as one. 

The next day, I heard my young son get up, and I laughed as I heard the pitter-patter of little feet running to the living room. The excitement in his voice was infectious as he called for us to join him. The manger was lit up that he and I had put together. He ran and got a gift and brought it to me to open, and together we placed a new piece of the manger scene where Christ slept. I can still hear his chatter as he opened his gifts in front of the Christmas tree we had all decorated. Later, he stood on a little stool as he helped me make Christmas dinner. That evening, we baked cookies and smacked our lips as we ate them. I remember so many wonderful memories.

This Christmas, we could not see each other, but we both cooked Christmas dinners. We shared over the phone what we had made. He baked for the holidays, and I am about to bake toll house cookies today like I did years ago. We  connected the past and the present and found some Christmas joy. I am grateful to God that I have the gift of memory.                                                                                                       

Found on Pinterest on 12-6-15. Capturing Joy by Kristen Duke Photography.


A Citizen’s Responsibility.


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Will there be anyone

Who will stand and fight

To save this great Country

And do what is right?

Will there be anybody

To stop all the lies

And keep hatred from growing

In front of our eyes.

Will men who are silent

Step forward and do

The things to unite us

And protect what is true?

It is time to lay down

The rancor and fear,

Stop all of the blaming,

And gather us near.

It is time to accept

What is real and what’s fair

Before we destroy

What we cannot repair.


Found on Pinterest on 7-2-16. Peter Marshall.

Dichotomies In Life.


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There will always be hardships

That cause us great pain,

And droughts that will test us

Before we see rain.

There will always be childbirths

Filled with our screams

Before we are brought

The child of our dreams.

We often are given

Good things with the bad.

We cry tears of joy and

We cry when we’re sad.

When Christ died for us

To set us all free,

It gave me great joy

And left sadness in me.



My Dearest Child


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Hush little one and close your eyes.

I’ll sing you to sleep with a tune.

We’ll sail away on a lollipop ship,

And we’ll wave to the man in the moon.

We’ll ride on the back of a unicorn

And touch a rainbow or two.

We’ll fly back home and I’ll show you a dance.

I’ll tap out a little “soft shoe.”

I’ll watch you sleep in the bright moon light.

So dream while I sing soft and low,

Of gingerbread men and Christmas trees.

You are loved much more than you know.