The Love Of A Mother And Child.


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She sings a song, soft and low, soft and low

To her baby boy as the south wind blows.

He clings to her breast and gives a sigh

As he watches the stars in the night sky.                                 

Found on Pinterest on 6-11-17. Saved from Darkfire. Magic & Mysteries.

” The stars remind us that heaven is near.

God’s light shines through when stars appear.

The moon glows bright to guide your way

And will lead you home at the end of the day.”

” So many gifts are given to you,

She said, to make each day brand new.

Always remember, God loves you so.

He will be with you, wherever you go.”

She rocked him to sleep by the light of the moon,

And her grown son never forgot this tune.



The Loss of God At The Border Crossing.


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Hey, little girl with the weary eyes,

You’ve been told so many lies.

Your family fled to keep you safe.

They told you, “Have a little faith.”


You crossed the ocean in a little boat.

You prayed to God that it would float.

There was little to drink and little to eat,

But you never gave in to stark defeat.


Surely, there had to be somewhere,                       

A Country existed that would care.                            

A place where you could find relief

And heal inside the terrible grief


Of losing the only home you had,

Because your world had turned mad.

You crossed a desert in the burning sand,

God would bring you to the promised land.


You climbed a hill, saw the barbwire fence,

Breathed in a gas that made you wince.

Your mother stumbled and then feel down.

Someone took you without a sound.


You cried for your mother and little brother,

While you were put in the hands of another.

You yelled and screamed as they took you away.

They told you to: “Shut-up,” that fateful day.


You coped with hunger and ignored your pain.

You learned to keep warm in the pouring rain.

Neglect was a major part of your life.

The loss of your mom cut like a knife.


You learned not to trust the human race.

God was gone without leaving a trace.

” America’s promise was just a lie.

They’ve left an innocent soul to die.”













For the Love Of A Dog.

” It has been ten years since my best friend died. Every week, I think of her and know she’s up there waiting for me. Many times, I have heard her bark in the middle of the night. I wake up alert and get up. One time my microwave was spinning around and around at 5a.m. and started smoking and I had to call the fire department. Another time, a burglar was out in my yard in the middle of the night when I heard her bark. I know she was letting me know she was still guarding and protecting me in heaven. She was so special. I am thankful for the time we had. Spend the time you have loving your dog. It matters.”


Howard. AKC Goldleaf’s Midnight Sun. Tri-color


Five years ago, I lost the best friend I ever had to old age. When she was young, she could jump so high and so far over my deck, I was sure she could fly. I could shout three words and she would run fast as the wind around trees and bushes like a barrel racer does in a rodeo. She grinned a lot, even in her sleep. We walked together in rain, snow, and sunshine. She would lay beside my chair when I read outdoors, watched over me as I straddled a ladder trimming trees and bushes, and protected me at those times she sensed it was necessary. She was a tri-color collie-black, white, and sable in color. When she sat, she looked like she had on a black tux. Her eyes were dark and her soul shone through when she would…

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Choices Decide Our Destiny.


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Lord of Darkness, Lord of Light,

Both exist in the night.

You must choose which one is right

And hold it close, hold it tight.


Found on Pinterest on 4-27-16.

There is evil all around,

And it can easily be found.

It can come without a sound,

And you’ll find, you are bound


By acts that will not set you free

As hatred grows inside of thee.

The devil brings you to your knees,

And war becomes your destiny.


You must choose which way to go.

Know God’s love around you flows.

Goodness will help you grow

Found on Pinterest on 9-27-15. A.D. Williams. Higher Perspective.

And take away your years of woe.


Kindness will be your guide

And help erase selfish pride.

Love will heal the hurt inside,

So peace can enter and abide.





The Power Of Words Can Change Lives.

“The last few years we have seen how powerful words are, especially words that invoke fear, words used to discriminate against others, words used to threaten others, and words used to hurt others. It is easy to become caught up in the chaos. We must fight against the negative and instead, use words to heal, to comfort, to lift others up, and unify us as a Nation. Each of us has the power to change the direction of our discourse. It is essential that we develop the courage to do so, for the benefit of our world. 7-14-19. Yu/stan/kema.


Found on Pinterest on 3-2-16. Nicholas Sparks. Found on Pinterest on 3-2-16. Nicholas Sparks.

The Power Of Words.

Words have always fascinated me since the time I was able to utter one. I loved the sound of them rolling off my tongue. Sometimes, I would sit in the tall grasses and pronounce over and over the same word. I’d wonder who made up the word initially and why. I loved to sing songs, especially while jumping to the beat of wooden bamboo poles rapping against each other.

Later, I found joy in the rhythm and movement of words on a piece of paper and the magic of words written in books. I became an avid reader   and a connoisseur of poetry books.

When I was a child, I learned that words had the power to create fear in people, especially when they were said in a loud and threatening voice. Negative words could damage one’s self-esteem…

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Tribute on Independence Day- Rewritten.


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Many brave men fought

with dignity and honor

to carry their Country’s flag

In the midst of battle.


They stood firm

in their resolve

To live with freedom

from tyranny.


Found on Pinterest on 5-29-16. Memorial Day from Singing Through The Rain.

They fought hard

for equal justice

under the same law

and respect for all.


They were strong men

who stood, side by side,

men who were strangers

because of skin color.


They faced death as one

in the heat of battle

and learned to call

each other, “brothers.”


They came to accept

their sacrifice and pain

in leaving behind,

their wives and children.


They carried the scars                               

of war inside their hearts.

They came back to find

their world had changed.


They saw hatred for others,

and the removal of civil rights, 

the erosion of cherished ideals, 

and political division without end.                                                                                                                              


“We did not die for this,” they cried.

“We must join our hands together,

and bind up the nation’s wounds.”

“We must find the courage to speak as one.”



Indiana in the Summertime.


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The breeze is cool

against my skin

and is filled with

the smells of summer.

Flowers dance in the wind

while the sun kisses my face

like some long-forgotten love

from my adolescence.



Trees lift their branches                    

toward heaven and drink in                              

 the golden rays of the sun.

Butterflies flit from

flower to flower

while sipping sweet nectar.

The smell  of honeysuckle,

 on the backyard fence,

floats on the air currents

and enters my nose.


Sweet memories are reawakened:

Tart lemonade sliding down

the throat  in one tasty gulp;

Red ripe watermelon

chilled to perfection;

The sound of whippoorwills calling

out near dusk;

The laughter of children playing

Hide and Seek at night;

and the gentle guitar strings

kissing the darkness

with love songs.

There is truly nothing like,

Indiana in the summertime.


Poems That Often Reflect One’s Life #3: “School,” by Henry Van Dyke.


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“Henry Van Dyke was a poet who wrote about nature, values, the need for solitude, and the struggles we have in trying to rise above adversity in order to enjoy the gifts that surround us. We are often blind to them in our haste to become successful.

He wrote prolifically in the early 1900s. I was ten years old when I first read his poems. His poetry helped me through some very difficult times. He talked about living in the present moment using all of our senses to enjoy Nature and learn valuable lessons from her. The following poem ‘School’ is one of my favorite poems.”                                                                   Yu/stan/kema



I put my heart to school

In the world where men grow wise:

“Go out,” I said, ” and learn the rule;”

“Come back when you win a prize.”


Found on Pinterest on 9-21-16.

My heart came back again:                                             

“Now where is the prize?” I cried–

“The rule was false, and the prize was pain,

And the teacher’s name was Pride.”


I put my heart to school

In the woods where veeries sing

And brooks run clear and cool,

In the fields where wildflowers spring.


“And why do you stay so long

My heart, and where do you roam?”

The answer came with a laugh and a song,–

“I find this school is home.”

            HENRY VAN DYKE


Expectations Lost.


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Life is filled with ups and downs,

And many dangerous turn-a-rounds:

Sorrow that can break your heart,

And pain that tears your soul apart.


When you think you know the truth,

And search for dreams from lost youth,

Life comes and takes it all away

And leaves the lesson, “Nothing stays.”


You go through Life with wounded pride,

While something good in you has died.

How can you live when hope is gone?

Ask God to help you carry on.







Everything Will Be OK.


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Life is going to be alright.

Everything will be OK.

When your heart is breaking, notice,

That the night brings a new day.


No one knows what will happen,                  

Or what tomorrow will bring.

All we have is just a moment,

Knowing winter turns to Spring.


We often have high expectations.

We run from truth and we deny

 Giving “too much of self” to someone

Will only cause your soul to cry.


Life is hard and it’s not easy.

Everything will be just fine.

Notice the geese as they fly North

Above the branches of the Pine.