Renewal In Life.


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Trees are a lot like people.

We see them every where.

Some are tall and some are small,

And some are very rare.


Trees shelter wildlife from the cold.

Some people give to those in need.

God has a purpose for each thing,

Every embryo and seed.

Found on Nature Addicts on 11-6-18. Taken by Michelle Steenburn. Red, White, and Blue. Also found on Facebook Timeline.


Trees face the elements alone                     

 And stand tall in the rain.          

People learn they must endure

And stand despite their pain.


Trees do reflect life’s changes

In the budding of a leaf,

The growth that comes in living,

And the loss of leaves in grief.


Most people live their whole lives

With changes happening.

They dream of an eternal life

With every coming spring.


Both tree and man show moments

Of beauty and pure grace,

Brilliant leaves and shinning deeds

That no one can erase.


They know when death comes

To trees and mankind,

Renewal is still possible

For those we leave behind.





Favorite Poems That I Like #12: ” The Path That Leads To Nowhere.”


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There’s a Path that leads to Nowhere

In a meadow that I know,

Where an inland river rises                                            

Found on Pinterest on 6-21-18. Nature By Christopher Gandy.

And the stream is still and slow;

There it wanders under willows

And beneath the silver green

Of the birches’ silent shadows

Where the early violets lean.


Other pathways lead to Somewhere,

But the one I love so well

Had no end and no beginning

Just the beauty of the dell,

Just the wildflowers and the lilies

Yellow-striped as adder’s tongue,

Seem to satisfy my pathway

As it winds their sweets among.


There I go to meet the Springtime,                                        

Found on Pinterest on 3-8-17. Summertime Magic.

When the meadow is aglow,

Marigolds amid the marshes,

And the stream is still and slow;

There I find my fair oasis,

And with carefree feet I tread

For the pathway leads to Nowhere,

And the blue is overhead.


All the ways that lead to Somewhere

Echo with the hurrying feet

Of the Struggling and the Striving,

But the way I find so sweet

Bids me dream and bids me linger

Joy and beauty are its goal;

On the path that leads to Nowhere

I have sometimes found my soul.




Favorite Poems I Like #11: “Along The Road.”


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I walked a mile with Pleasure;

She chatted all the way,

But left me none the wiser

For all she had to say.                                               

Found on Pinterest on 2-15-16. Keiram B. Domestic Violence.


I walked a mile with Sorrow

And ne’er a word said she;

But oh, the things I learned from her

When Sorrow walked with me!






” Losses in life teach us very painful lessons that break the heart and forever changes us. We can never go back to who we use to be.”


The Truth About Sorrow.


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I often see sweet Sorrow.

She plays hide and seek with me.

Just when I think, that She’s gone,

She reminds me I’m not free.


Found on Pinterest on 6-21-18.

When the sun is shinning bright

And the blueness of the sky,

Removes all the darkness,

I can still hear Her sigh.


It seems I’m always waiting

For the good to disappear.

I pray that it won’t happen,

But sweet Sorrow draws near.


I’d love to hear my laughter

And the funny songs I’d  sing,

But life is full of losses.

Tears are what Sorrow brings.



Life’s Journey.


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When I was young and believed in Self,

I was in such excellent health.

I was full of fight and felt alive.

I knew then I could survive.


When I was knocked to the ground,

I’d bounce back up for another round.

Positive words would clear my mind,

And courage I could always find.


I held strong values deep inside,

Never gave in to foolish pride,

Loved my enemies the best I could,

And did good deeds in the neighborhood.


I believed in God and I had hope

That whatever happened, I could cope.

No matter how hard my life could get,

I never kept myself in debt.


The losses came, one by one

Until the fight in me was done.

So many losses in a row,

Too many years were full of woe.


I could not find God anywhere

And told myself He did not care.

Every step I tried to take,

Only led to more heartache.


My friends became invisible,

And I fell in a deep, dark hole.

It took me years to find a way

Out into the light of day.


I’d lost my health. I was alone.

My friend left me on my own.

I grew cynical and tough

And finally, I said “enough.”


“Enough of feeling victimized,

I need to find a way to rise.”

“I need to build my life again,

Not focus on ‘What might have been.”




Favorite Poems I Like #10: “You Never Can Tell.”


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You never can tell when you send a word

   Like an arrow shot from a bow

By an archer blind, be it cruel or kind,

   Just where it may chance to go

It may pierce the breast of your dearest friend,

   Tipped with its poison or balm,

To a stranger’s heart in life’s great mart

   It may carry its pain or its calm.


Found on Pinterest on 2-9-16. Helping hands.

You never can tell when you do an act

   Just what the result will be,

But with every deed you are sowing a seed,

   Though the harvest you may not see.

Each kindly act is an acorn dropped

   In God’s productive soul;

You may not know, but the tree shall grow

   With shelter for those who toil.


You never can tell what your thoughts will do

   In bringing you hate or love,

For thoughts are things, and their airy wings

   Are swifter than carrier doves.

They follow the law of the universe,

   Each thing must create its kind,

And they speed o’er the track to bring you back

   Whatever went out from your mind.



” It is appropriate to share the above poem in these difficult times. The words we speak can uplift people or tear them down. The acts we commit can unite or divide us.   The thoughts we have can make us bitter or hateful, or encourage us to be kind to  others. We need to think before we act or speak. We also need to sow more acts of   kindness.”         –Yu/stan/kema-


Music Uplifts The Soul.


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My mother lived in a little shack

down by the bayou.

My mother worked from dawn to dusk

to make alligator stew.


Her fingers were busy making clothes                                  

Found on 4-27-16 on Pinterest. French

to clothe her brood of five.

Her face was weary from the stress

of helping her kids survive.


Her body was thin and her skin was grey,

from hours without sleep.

She washed the clothes in a big tin tub

and some times she would weep.


Day after day, she lived in fear

her man would not come home.

She knew he loved to be outdoors

and often he would roam.


She stayed home and did the chores

and worked until they were done.

Then she would lift an old violin

and play with the setting sun.


She put the rare violin to her chin,                                        

and her bow went across the strings.

She tapped her foot to the melody,

and her soul sprouted wings.

Found on Pinterest on 11-12-17 sacredspirit.files.


We loved to see her fingers dance

and her eyes reflect pure joy. 

She was beautiful when she smiled

and played for her little boy.


Now she has gone to a better place,

but her music still remains

in the halls of  my memories 

When I say her name.





What People Need.


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Souls are breaking every where,

Especially those who are aware

That many fail to love the heart

That’s been cruelly ripped apart.


Found on Pinterest on 5-24-17. Derek Hegsted.

So many say they understand,

Yet hesitate to take your hand.

They avoid the hurt inside,

And the many nights you’ve cried.


They say, “Forget the wasted years

And your useless bitter tears.”

“In the end, we’re all alone.

You are really on your own.”


“It’s up to you to learn to choose

How to cope with what you lose.”

“Accept the dreaded hand of fate,

And bear the pain when others hate.”


They cannot recognize the need

For human contact and kind deeds.

The weary heart yearns for release.

The battered soul needs inner peace.


The soul needs love to thrive and grow

And open arms more than we know,

Kind deeds that nurture hope within,

And God to touch the heart’s of men.





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Women watch men                                             

with unlimited power

make promises to those,

who have waited for years

for justice to finally

lift its battered head.


They waited for fairness,

an equal opportunity

to speak their truth,

and get the respect

they have earned

through patience and

pure determination.


They believed in

the integrity and

principles of

this country,

and its ability

to rise above

pettiness and

the need to win.


So they watched,

And they learned:  

Time could not erase

ingrained prejudices,

the need for men

to shame those

who waited to see

justice done.


They learned: 

it is up to

them to rise

as an army

And fight for

the right

To be heard,

and finally believed.


March with us,

come and save

your friends

and daughters

from society’s

need to keep

women silent

and afraid.






Where The Wild flowers Grow.


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I went down to the meadow

Where the wild flowers grow.

I could see the tall ripe wheat

Dance where the wind blows. 


Found on Pinterest on 8-26-18. Photo by Tony Craddock. Science photo library.Wild Flower Meadow.

I felt some tear drops  fall

Down to the fertile ground,

As old memories of the past

Came and gathered around.


I met my loved one here.

He was gathering a bouquet

Of daisies and wild roses,

Which he gave away,


To me as I was standing

In the rays of the sun.

We laughed and chased each other

Until the day was done.


He told me he was leaving

To fight in a war overseas.

He said he’d love me forever,

And gave me a gentle squeeze.


Year after year I waited,

Down in the meadow for him.

Every year my heart broke,

Watching hope grow dim.


A man drove to town to tell me,

His son had died in the war.

He had left a letter for me,

One I could not ignore.


I took it down to the meadow,                              

Found on Pinterest on 8-26-18. Sierra Beach. property

And read his words in the wind.

I wept for the loss of my loved one,

And the pain that had no end.


He wrote “that he really loved me,

And did not want to die,

But God was coming to take him

To a meadow in the sky.”


“And when Your life is  over,

Ask where the wild flowers grow.

God will take you to me

For God loves us so.”