Expectations Lost.


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Life is filled with ups and downs,

And many dangerous turn-a-rounds:

Sorrow that can break your heart,

And pain that tears your soul apart.


When you think you know the truth,

And search for dreams from lost youth,

Life comes and takes it all away

And leaves the lesson, “Nothing stays.”


You go through Life with wounded pride,

While something good in you has died.

How can you live when hope is gone?

Ask God to help you carry on.








Everything Will Be OK.


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Life is going to be alright.

Everything will be OK.

When your heart is breaking, notice,

That the night brings a new day.


No one knows what will happen,                  

Or what tomorrow will bring.

All we have is just a moment,

Knowing winter turns to Spring.


We often have high expectations.

We run from truth and we deny

 Giving “too much of self” to someone

Will only cause your soul to cry.


Life is hard and it’s not easy.

Everything will be just fine.

Notice the geese as they fly North

Above the branches of the Pine.




Memories Are A Gift From God.


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When my son was young,

And he crawled into bed,

He always took time

For prayers to be said.

He’d rub his sweet eyes

And point to a book,

While he begged me to take

Just a quick look.

Found on Pinterest on 4-24-16. Flickr. Simple Gifts Photography.


He’d sit close to me                               

And giggle and sigh                      

When I’d act out the part

Of mean Captain Bligh.

He nestled his head

Right under my chin

As we traveled the world

“Of what might have been.”


He’d fall asleep

And I’d turn out the light,

And watch him smile

Through a peaceful night.

I’d give all that I have

Just to relive those days,

When he’d cause me to laugh

At his little boy’s ways.




The Choices We Choose In Life.


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Life’s road is strange as it curves and dips

Over the mountains and through the woods.

There are obstacles we must overcome 

And find ways to deal with Life’s “shoulds.”


We can live life fully with out regret

If we don’t give into our fears;

When life knocks us down, we can get up again

And smile through our tears.


We can choose to be bitter when losses occur.

We can tell ourselves, ” Life isn’t fair.”

We can blame others for our mistakes

And say,”There is no one who cares.”


We can face life bravely with steady eyes

And accept the good with the bad.

We can choose to live with a hopeful heart

And think positive when we feel sad.


It is all up to us what we do in life.

We can love or decide we will hate.

We can fight for what we want in life,

Or give in to hopeless fate.


Night Comforts Me.


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Darkness falls with the coming of the night,

And the moon rises with a soft white light.

Birds twitter putting their young to sleep,

As insects, through the green leaves, creep.

Found on Pinterest on 10-11-16. Michael Botkins. Moonlight Nights. Saved from Kamyab. lr.


The night wind blows softly across my face,                     

And solitude wraps me in her warm embrace.

Although my heart lies heavy in my chest,

I make the time to take a needed rest.


Even though life holds pain and sorrow, 

Nature’s gifts bring joy on the morrow.

All that’s needed is a mindful stance,

And giving Nature’s gifts a chance.



Nature Revives The Weary Soul.


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When I was just a girl of eight,

I stretched my body on the ground,

And on my back I saw a world

Of beauty and heard Nature’s sounds.


I felt my soul fly out of me                                             

Veronique-coutie. Found on Pinterest 3-11-16.

And land on top a fluffy cloud.

I embraced the universe

And heard an angel laugh out loud.


All around me beauty breathed

And blew sweet hope inside my breast.

It wrapped me in serenity

And gave me a much-needed rest.


The smell of sweet young tender leaves

Moved gently through the tall oak trees.

The scent of honeysuckle blooms

Drifted across the fragrant breeze.


I saw one hundred flowers dance

And lift their faces to the sun.

They smiled and bowed their heads to pray

And gave thanks to “the Holy One.”


There grew in me such ecstasy.

It blew the storms of life aside.

It gave me respite for a day

And brought back hope that died.




The Nature Of Love.


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I have fought so many battles

Over all these years.

I’ve come to accept

Some days are filled with tears.


For when your kind spirit

Believes there’s good in men,

Despite acts of betrayal,

You don’t give in and sin.


The weight of disappointments

Breaks your heart in two.

Even with lots of blessings,

Grief steals a part of you.


Love can make you happy.

Giving brings you joy,

Yet it often brings great sorrow

And pain that can destroy.


To risk is a gamble,

But if you do not try,

You’ll wonder what you missed,

After your last “good-bye.”




How Will History Remember Us?


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The sun is setting on our democracy, and we are at a crossroads. We must choose what we want our Nation to represent and how we want our children to live. Will we choose: Freedom or tyranny; Honesty or deception; Love or hate; Generosity or greed; Acceptance or discrimination; Rule of law or chaos; Kindness or cruelty; Goodness or evil; or Creation instead of destruction?

We all play a role in making our Nation a better place to live. We can choose to live in a world full of violence, dirty drinking water, polluted air, recalled food, nuclear war, lack of civility, and selfishness. We can also choose to live in a clean environment, to protect beauty and all living things, to respect and help other people, to choose peace instead of war, to learn to compromise, and to promote kindness and what is good. There cannot be passiveness. All of us will decide how history will remember us and our Nation. We need to choose wisely.





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O Love that holds me steadfast,                           

Even when my will is strong,

Who forgives my sinful past,


Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16. Easter Resurrection Greeting Card. Robyn Stacey.

And fills me with His song.                           


O Love that raises me from death

And cleanses my soul from sin.

Christ renews my every breath

And leaves His light within.


Christ Arose From The Dead.

May this Easter fill you with Hope and Joy.


Jesus, Our Savior, came to earth,

And blessed us with His humble birth.  

Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16. Margaret Mary. Holy cards. Resurrection. Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16. Margaret Mary. Holy Cards. Resurrection.

Born in a stable, not built for a King,

He took his first breath, heard angels sing.

Cows and the lambs laid down in the straw,

To give great homage to, the Greatest Of All.

When Jesus reached His boyhood  years,

Broken bird wings brought forth tears.

His eyes filled with compassion and care.

He healed broken hearts in deep despair.

Joseph and He made things out of wood.

He loved His mother and felt understood.

Years passed and Christ knew there was more

That God wanted His life to stand for.

He humbled Himself, was baptized by John;

God gave Him a mission the very next dawn:

“Heal the sick, the disabled, and dying;

Give rest to the weary; Help those who are crying.”


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