The Sweet Gifts Of Gratitude.


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The Sweet Gifts Of Gratitude

Praise God for the morning,

Bright with the rising sun; 

And all the trees around me,

Waiting for Spring to come.

Praise God for my simple house

That serves as a shelter,

To protect me from life’s storms

And acts as a filter.

Praise God for my loyal friends,

Who stay and support me;

They fill my life with joy,

And allow me to be free.

Praise God for the goodness,                        

Found on Pinterest on 1-25-17. also on plus Yan L. Photography. Found on Pinterest on 1-25-17. also on plus Yan L. Photography.

I find in another’s heart,

When I reach out in friendship

After being pulled apart.

Praise God for the evening,                               

When sweet darkness falls;

Even though the…

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Being Strong Has It’s Ups and Downs.


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We love people who are strong and positive; those who can cope effectively with difficult circumstances; and we often admire those who don’t cry. We need to have people we can lean on when the world falls apart. We respect people who are fighters and who refuse to quit. We need our heroes and people who inspire us to be the best we can be. The truly strong can accept responsibility when things go wrong. They don’t complain and actively try to solve problems.

In return, the strong feel confident they can survive because of the pain they have endured. They feel others look up to them, need them, and want them to take control. The strong know their role is not to be a burden, but a blessing to society. They know they can rely on themselves when things get dicey. They have learned how to confront their fears and regulate their emotions.

There are downsides to being strong. People tend to rely on the strong to always be there, and to step in when there is a crisis.  They are often used by others and end up in one-sided relationships. They are expected to play a certain role and  when they fail to play the role, they may lose relationships or be shamed until they return to their expected role.   

Because they are human, the face of strength cracks. The strong feel they can’t be their real selves or share sincere emotions. If they cry or reach out for help, they fear other people will stop needing them or wanting them. Often, the strong suffer in silence.

It is up to each one of us to make the effort to give back to those who give so much to us, to offer help when we see they are struggling, to show appreciation after they help us, to let them know that it is OK to reach out for help, and to communicate with us when they feel isolated and alone.

We all need people who are strong, but they also need our acceptance when they need help. The strong give so much to the world. They deserve better from us.


A Book Review: ” I Am What the Bible Says I Am.” Jake and Keith Provance.


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Jake and Keith Provance wrote an intriguing little book about one’s identity as a child of God. As a human being, a person’s identity is influenced by the people he grew up with such as parents, grandparents, other extended family members, friends, and Church members. Their opinions mattered to him and often became imprinted in his mind and heart for years. His identity was also formed by what he could accomplish or not accomplish and by comparing himself to others to gain a sense of self-worth. Comparing one-self to others can become destructive. His own perceived self-worth often caused him to judge himself more harshly than others judged him.

The authors wrote this book giving us a different perspective on how God sees us. They wrote that when one becomes a child of God by surrendering and believing in Him and telling others he chooses to follow God, he takes on a new identity and God’s Word gives him a set of rules to follow when he becomes new in Christ.

The authors of, I Am What the Bible Says I Am, listed seventeen characteristics one develops as a child of God: A new identity through choice and a commitment to become more like Christ in one’s actions and attitudes; freedom from the past and desires that were not beneficial by relying on God’s strength to help him; strength through God to overcome obstacles with joy; becoming a light for those in darkness by giving them hope things can get better; overcoming anything with God in him and the power of the Holy Spirit; being wanted by God even if he is not perfect because of God’s unconditional acceptance of him; and being chosen by God long before he chose God. A child of God allows God to play an important role in his life.

Jake and Keith Provance wrote: a child of God is forgiven for past, present, and future sins through Christ’s sacrifice and not because of the good works he does; God’s love can’t be taken away or earned; a child of God is an ambassador, God’s representative; he has redemption; he is complete in Christ; he is protected by God; he can conquer anything with God; God wants him to prosper; he is a temple of the Holy Spirit who will teach him all things; and he is rooted in God’s love and His Word.

I Am What the Bible Says I Am is a thin book that is easy to read and understand. It is thought-provoking because one sees so clearly the need for good, loving families in order to help a person become a child of God and believe it. For someone who grows up in an abusive household or neglect, he would have to overcome more obstacles in learning to trust God, and believe he is loved by Him and that his sins can be forgiven.


Provance, Jake; and Provance, Keith.2017. I Am What the Bible Says I Am. Tulsa, Oklahoma,74170. Word and Spirit Publishing.


Poems That Often Reflect One’s Life, #1: “A Bag Of Tools.”


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Isn’t it strange

That princes and kings,

And clowns that caper

In sawdust rings,

And common people

Like you and me

Are builders for eternity.


Each is given a bag of tools,

A shapeless mass,

A book of rules;

And each must make—

Ere life is flown—

A stumbling block

Or a stepping stone.


” In college, as I reflected back on my life at that time, I became aware that who I had become was a result of everything I had touched, everything I had read, and the people who I had connected to. My life was a building, and each stone played a part in whether I had a good foundation or not. Some stones crumbled under the weight of obstacles but most stones were strong and made of good material.

As the years passed, I also became aware I was given certain skills, abilities, and it was up to me to continue to shape my life in such a way that I would become a good, strong corner-stone for others in the process of them building their lives. As a parent, as a teacher, as a therapist, it clarified for me my real purpose in living. The above poem, A BAG OF TOOLS, reflects the insight I had.”


It Only Takes A Moment.


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Why can’t we see how easy

it is to say a word,

to those we meet along life’s path

and not think it’s absurd.


Found on Pinterest on 2-9-16. helping hands. Dalai Lama.

Why do we say we’re busy

and fail to see a face,

filled with grief and longing,

where tears have left a trace?


We fail to catch the moment

when we could have changed a life.

With little acts of kindness,

we could have lessened strife.


It only takes a moment

for God to move through you.

With daily acts of kindness,

we show God’s love anew.




Love For A Child.


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Hey, little one with  sleepy eyes,

I’ll tuck you in tonight.

First, I’ll show you the stars outside,

And the moon shinning bright.


I’ll rock you to sleep with a symphony,                            

Found on Google+ on 10-31-15. Nabil Al Aroi.

Made by locusts and birds.

The frogs are singing along tonight.

Their songs do not need words.


The  sad sweet song of the Mourning Dove

Falls on the lovely night  air.

I touch the softness of your cheek.

Love leaves an imprint there.


I carry you back into your room,

And lay you down on your bed.

I thank The Lord for your sweet life,

As  I kiss your head.




Thinking About Life.


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As the days fly past me

in my later years,

I have had joy and sorrow,

laughter, and tears.


I have fought great battles,

overcome childhood fears,

chipped away at the darkness

as the end of life nears.


I have tried to leave goodness

with little gifts along the way,

have spoken words of kindness,

and have kept the storms at bay.


I have lived my life with honor

and have never walked away,

when it would have been easier

for me not to stay.


But still I feel haunted

by the things I never did,

the words I never spoke,

and the feelings I hid.


When my life is over,

I hope I will find

my life really mattered

to those I left behind.


A Betrayal Of Hope.


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Down south of the border                               

on Mexican land,

a group of weary travelers

tried to cross the Rio Grande.

They were victims of violence

from countries left behind.

They sought a place of safety

where others could be kind.

All they really wanted

was a place to call home.

They were tired from the journey,

and did not want to roam.

Mothers carried children

and fed them as they walked.

Fathers gave protection

to children as they talked.

They climbed the hill together

and saw a barbwire fence.

Soldiers stood with guns.

It made little sense.

They came in hope of freedom,

and to find some kind of job. 

They did not want to worry

someone would rob

them of what was left

after fleeing for their lives.

They wanted for their children

a place to survive.

Instead, there was an army

with guns and words of hate,

and canisters of tear gas 

to choke them as they wait.

Again they see with sorrow,

the world’s an evil place

as they wipe away the tears

from a child’s face.






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Thank you, God, for the darkness.

It helps me enjoy the light.

No matter how bleak life seems,

Morning follows the night.


Thank you, Lord, for the hard times.                                  

Found on Facebook Timeline on 7-24-17. Country and Farm Photography. Taken by Carolyn Anderson.

They often try my soul.

They build in me strength and courage

And the will to complete a goal.


Thank you, God, for the heartache,

That I’ve had along the way.

It has taught me to be much kinder

Towards those I see each day.


Thank you, Lord, for the Teacher

Who is helping me to find peace,

Learn to control my emotions,

And find some blessed release.


Thank you, God, for each morning

That I find myself still alive

And eager to spread God’s love,

So others are able to thrive.




Song From A Child Of God.


Found on Pinterest on 7-3-15. Found on Pinterest on 7-3-15.

I saw a child skipping down the street.

Her hair was dark like a raven’s wing.

Her eyes were blue as the summer sky,

Her face was  sweet and I heard her sing.

She caught my eye as she passed by.

Her face was filled with a holy light.

I heard her laugh as she softly sang

The words she said with such delight:

“I’m a lucky child who is loved by God.

He expects me to give to others here.

It doesn’t matter if I’m not loved back.

God’s by my side and He is near.”

“My part is to do His gracious will,

To give His love to all in need,

To mirror His grace for all to see:

God is Love. This is my Creed.”


Found on Pinterest on 11-26-15. Simon Dewey. From: I Am A Child. Found on Pinterest on 11-26-15. Simon Dewey.
From: I Am A Child.

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