The Things Life Brings


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We travel through this world

with hope and expectations,

and each of us grew up

with our own preconceptions.

Life happens to us all

and brings good things and bad.

We’ve had moments of laughter

and tears when we were sad.

We’ve learned from those with wisdom,

made mistakes when we’re alone,

and kept repeating messages

our parents had sown.

We reached out to each other

with intentions that were real.

We believed what they were saying,

and how it made us feel.

We looked forward to the future,

and we soothed each others woes.

We accepted imperfections and

we made it through the lows.

But people change much quicker

than we can really see,

and they seem to out-grow us

as we’re left with misery.

We learn there are lessons

in life that leave a sting.

We never can predict

what the years will bring.

– Yu/stan/kema-

Giving Up Relationships


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Found on Facebook on 3-21-2016. Women



                                                                                                                                        There comes a time when you give up,                

Because you’ve had enough.

Positive thoughts no longer work

And emotions can’t be stuffed.

The heart can only take so much

Until it breaks in two,

And mending is impossible

No matter what you do.

You think they will come around

And be like they once were,

But hurtful actions that they do

Cause heartaches to occur.

Love needs lots of nourishment,

Attention, and respect.

It grows with time and thoughtfulness

And the absence of neglect.

Even when you want to try,

You need to walk away,

Before you lose your dignity,

And self-respect one day.


Dealing With Difficult Decisions.


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Found on Pinterest on 8-26-18. Sierra Beach. property


Sometimes, it is easier                                 

to just let it go,

the thing that keeps you up at night

and overwhelms you so.


It sadly never gets resolved

and tends to come again.

When triggers from the past arise,

you feel you just can’t win.


Sometimes you can problem-solve

and come up with a plan

that leads to resolution or

“You’ve done all you can.”


When it is bigger than yourself,

you come to realize

you’ve tried all you know to do

and seek Him who is wise.


You must admit you need some help

and swallow your pride.

Then you give it all to God,

and let true peace inside.



We Are A Part Of Eternity.


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We are the strong survivors

Who walk through a barren land.

We’ve learned how to keep on moving 

When we are too tired to stand.

Found on Pinterest on 11-13-17, on facebook;

People think, we don’t need others, 

But the opposite is true.

There are times we need somebody

Who can just see us through.

For the world is full of sorrow

And the road get’s hard to climb.

We can all be made stronger

By reading a heart-felt rhyme.

A song has the power to heal

When the soul has lost its way,

And struggles to believe in goodness

At the end of a difficult day.

God made us to be interactive,

And gave us the power to see,

We all are a part of the universe.

We are one with eternity.


We Must Decide.


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These are trying times, my friend,

And they give us pause for reflection.

We are exhausted from hearing the lies

From those stealing our elections.


We are shocked and disgusted

By the spinning of  facts,

The stories of made-up fiction,

And repeated illegal acts.


What is needed is a new start

In bringing the races together,

To resolve and find a way to achieve

Equal justice and rights forever.


We need to unite and help each other

Stay safe from a virus that kills,

Have respect for the value of human life,

And stop greed from hurting us, still.


We can use this precious moment in time

To build a better tomorrow,

Clean up this toxic environment,

And create jobs in our sorrow.


We must decide in the days to come

Whether to build or destroy

Our Nation as we struggle to rise

To reflect destruction or God’s glory.


Never Give Up.


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Never give up on being hopeful, 

 For the soul needs hope to survive. 

It’s what keeps you ever moving 

When you are treading to stay alive.             

Pinterest photo 3-21-16.


Never give up on loving another,

Even when love is not returned.

Love takes time to enter the heart

Of a life that’s been horribly ruined.

Never give up believing in God,

When He seems so far away.

It’s when you need Him the most,

You must take time to pray.

Never give up  on finding peace.                                             

You’ll find it waiting inside.

It comes when you reach acceptance

Found on Facebook Timeline on 7-24-17. Country and Farm Photography. Taken by Carolyn Anderson.

And let go of your foolish pride.

The things of this world distract us 

From reaching our highest goals.

We’ll find in silence and nature

A way to nurture our souls.


When a soul is nurtured and peaceful,

It is filled with an endless love;

And it seeks to connect those in need

With a merciful God above.


Moving Toward The Light.


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Reach out your hand.

I’ll reach out mine too.

Go and get your neighbors.

We will all make it through.


Whatever else happens

In this land that I love,

We must remember

What we are capable of.                                       

Found on Pinterest on 2-9-16. Helping hands. Dalai Lama.


See the man on the corner

In need of some food?

Don’t ask if he’s worthy.

Change your attitude.


If a black man passes

You on the street,

Just nod, say,”Good morning.”

There’s no need for defeat.


Reach out with a hand

To the Muslims and Jews.

We are searching for answers

In the religions we choose.


There’s no need in proving

Who’s right or who’s wrong.

Let’s encourage each other

By sharing our songs.


For by loving our neighbors

And doing what’s right,

We’ll create a future

That’s hopeful and bright.



Being Complicit In An Unfair World.


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Complicity is every where.

It happens when you do not care.

Complicit’s when you fail to speak

when evil’s present and it reeks.

It means you choose the easy road

and avoid the heavier load.

You turn your eyes to the side 

and follow those who have lied.


Complicit actions over time

can lead to a much bigger crime.

For when you deny the facts,

let others do harmful acts,

you are saying, “It’s o.k.,

do your worst as I play.”

“For I’m too busy, can’t you see,

to change the course of destiny.”


Mindfulness In Nature.


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Have you ever sat and watched

a waterfall awhile

and found each separate water drop

caused your soul to smile?


Have you ever walked in gentle rain

with your face turned toward the sky

and felt the soft hands of the rain

wash tears from your eyes?


Have you held a flower in your hand

and ached with it’s sweet beauty

and gazed into it’s very heart

until you found eternity?


Have you moved through a forest

to sit upon the ground

and allowed your ears to hear

total silence without sound?


Have you hiked along a river

and watched the sunlight play

and dance upon the water

until the end of day?


Have you closed your eyes in nature

in the early morning light,

and focused on the melodies

of birds taking flight?


God shows us that He cares for us

By the gifts He leaves behind.

They bring us faith and hope

and give us peace of mind.



The Gift Of Love.


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When love comes gently,

It takes you by surprise.

Everything seems easy

Found on Facebook Timeline on 8-8-16. Facebook/Roses.Images.

And time just flies.


There is no hesitation 

Or need to impress. 

There is a sense of peace

And very little stress.                       


When love comes with magic,

All seems good and true,

And time spent apart

Brings misery to you.


Remember to be wise,

And take love bit by bit

For everyone has weaknesses

And throws an angry fit.


When love comes with feelings

That shake you to your core,

Your anger can wound you

When you yell: “No more.”


You must control your feelings

And take a “time-out.”

Learn to breathe deeply

When you want to shout.


For love is rare and precious

And needs nourishment to grow.

Forgiveness and kindness

Are the things that make it so.