Some Of My Favorite Things.


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When I was a child, life was hard and a daily struggle for survival, but it was also filled with so many delightful experiences. I lived in poverty, food was scarce, and I was hungry most of the time. I was lucky enough to have people, who lived near me who believed in the old African saying, ” It takes a village to raise a child.” My next door neighbor was a Mexican woman with a son about my age. She would send him out to play with me with extra hot tortillas to share. I suppose that is why my favorite place to eat as an adult is a Mexican restaurant, Carlos O’ Kelly’s.  I also stop by the Sonic most of the time on my way to get my infusions, to buy a breakfast burrito. I’m sure it’s a way the child part of me receives comfort and warmth before my eight-hour infusions at the hospital.

During childhood, I played in the alleys and a near-by school with children from the neighborhood. My best friends were twin boys whose father owned a local IGA store. We would play baseball all day long in the hot sun. The thud of a baseball in a well-worn glove and the crack of a bat still brings fond memories. After we finished playing ball, the twins would take me to their dad’s grocery store. He would hand us all popsicles. I always chose grape. I never forgot the feeling nor the taste of a melting grape popsicle clinging to the roof of my mouth before sliding down my throat. My favorite treat now is buying a grape slush at the Sonic. It’s another way of connecting a pleasant experience from the past to the present and it brings comfort.

As a girl, I was fearless in the out-doors. Inside my house was poverty, domestic violence, and alcoholism. My parents were absent most of the time. But outside, there were people who cared about me, alleys to explore, flowers to smell, trees to hug and rest against, a river to catch crawdads in, insects to study, and birds that sang beautiful songs I still recognize as an old woman. I carry inside me now a passion for nature who gives me safety and comfort.

Even though life was filled with hurtful experiences in my childhood, it was also a time filled with life-giving, beautiful experiences. These experiences built hope for the future. All I had to do was reach out and take it with a receptive heart.



A Message For This Nation.


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The world has changed

since I was a young girl

growing up in America.

Rules and regulations meant

we expected others to act

and talk with civility.


There were lines

no one dared to cross,

because we knew

those rules were the glue

that held us fast to one another

with a common purpose.


It took hard-earned respect

from each of us

to build a community

that believed in

the very best

of our humanity.


My heart yearns for the years

that seem lost forever:

A world where facts

were based on truth, 

and the rule of law

 was made for all.


Life was simple then.

We watched the seasons

come and go,

and we believed

that good would

triumph over evil.


I am not ready

to accept a world

filled with such

chaos and hate,

where people refuse

to relate with one another.


Let us work together

To heal this broken world,

so once again we can

find serenity,

and peace within

Our Country. 







Important Parts Of Life.


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Darkness and light

are both intertwined

among the threads

of my life’s fabric.


Found on Pinterest on 12-17-16. Stephen Hayward. Stars

Love and fear

are found at

the intersection of

commitments I make.


Beauty and truth

are found when I

contemplate my desire

for what is good.


Respect and faith

are a part of

any relationship

where trust endures.


Life and death

are journeys I

must endure

to embrace eternity.




Where There Is Beauty, There Is Hope.


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The River bends and curves

Around the neighborhood.

It ripples and swiftly flows

Like a beautiful river should.                                    

Found on Facebook Timeline on July 31, 2016. Johanna Hurand.


A pure white egret stands

On one foot, admiring the view.

It’s graceful long neck

Is like a song sung in cue.


Geese swim in the cold water,

Their wings lift, churning the air.

One glides behind the other.

Their flight is like a prayer.


New life appears on the trees

That grow close to the shore.

Tender leaves dance and sway

Down by the river’s roar.                                    


Beauty lies all around me,

As the world falls apart.

Storms are on the horizon,

But hope remains in my heart.


Jesus Christ Is Alive.


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Dedication:” For she who teaches me by her actions that Christ has risen.”                  -Yu/stan/ kema-



He is my loving Savior.                                              

Found on Pinterest on 9-18-16. Plfoto-co1.

He is my gentle king.

He sees me through life’s storms.

Christ is my everything.


Christ sends the April rain

So my gardens can survive.

He sends the rays of sunlight

To keep my plants alive.


He renews my tired spirit

When life becomes too much.

He gives me His gift

Of comforting with touch.


He whispers words of comfort

And guides me on my way.

He lets me know I’m not alone

Each and every day.


On this day of Easter, 

I’ll tell  others who will listen:

“I’m happy Jesus is alive

And that He has risen.”


An Easter Gift.


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A light from above                                         

Found on Pinterest on 5-24-17. Derek Hegsted.

Came down to the earth

And entered the soul

Of a child during birth.


He grew tall 

And worked with his hands.

He walked by the sea

And sat on the sand.


He loved to ask questions,

And met people’s needs.

He told great stories,

And planted love’s seed.


He performed acts of kindness

Where ever He went.

He encouraged others

To truly repent.


He held them and said,

“Just trust and accept,

God’s loved you forever,”

And then Jesus wept.


He died on a cross

To save mankind.

He didn’t want to leave

Any one behind.


So, rise up this Easter.

Feel joy in your heart,

For God has loved you

Right from the start.


Compassion For One’s Self.


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There is a girl in the mirror                                       

Found on Pinterest on 3-30-18. Also Beautiful Child.

Staring back at me.

Every time I pass by,

It’s a stranger I see.


I’ve spent so many years

Focused on another’s thoughts.

I’ve remembered all their feelings,

Yet it’s mine I have not sought.


 I’ve tried to daily please them,

And I’ve given all I can.

I’ve failed to have compassion,

For my own needs I’ve banned.


Yet the girl in the mirror

Deserves  my love and care.

It’s long past time to reach out

To the girl that’s waiting there.


Her needs are so important.

Her feelings must be heard,

For she’s a child of God.

Need I say another word?


Favorite Poems I Like: #2 “Reliance.”


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Not to the swift, the race;                                        

Found on Facebook Timeline on 7-24-17. Country and Farm Photography. Taken by Carolyn Anderson.

Not to the strong, the fight;

Not to the righteous, perfect grace;

Not to the wise, the light.


But often faltering feet

Come surest to the goal;

And those who walk in darkness meet

The sunrise of the soul.


A thousand times by night

The Syrian hosts have died;

A thousand times the vanquished right

Hath risen, glorified.


The truth the wise men sought

Was spoken by a child;

The alabaster box was brought

In trembling hands defiled.


Not from my torch, the gleam,

But from the stars above:

Not from my heart, life’s crystal stream,

But from the depths of Love.



” In honor  of those who marched today to save the lives of children.”

March 24, 2018


Favorite Poems I Like: #1- “The Child In The Garden.”


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When to the garden of untroubled thought

I came of late, and saw the open door,                                                    

Found on Pinterest on 6-11-17. Saved from Darkfire. Magic & Mysteries.

And wished again to enter, and explore

The sweet, wild ways with stainless bloom inwrought,

And bowers of innocence with beauty fraught,

It seemed some purer voice must speak before

I dared to tread that garden loved of yore,

That Eden lost unknown and found unsought.


Then just within the gate I saw a child,-

A stranger-child, yet to my heart most dear;

He held his hands to me, and softly smiled 

With eyes that knew no shade of sin or fear:

Come in,” he said, “and play awhile with me;

I am the little  child you used to be.”



“Too soon we leave our childhood behind. A time when thoughts were pure and untainted with misconceptions or influence; when ideas were unfettered and free to roam; and our spirits were wild and unafraid to speak our truth.

With adulthood, our creativity suffers and we set boundaries on what we can and cannot share. Our fear holds us hostage and causes anxiety. So we yearn to return to a time when we stretched out on our backs and let our minds fly free to explore worlds not yet tamed. We miss that child who experienced the world with such delight and felt  peace.”    Yu/stan/kema.

A Safe Connection.


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When I can be me 

And you can be you,

How delightful is time

Spent with us, two.


We can laugh at ourselves

And be truthful with words.

I can tell you my secrets

And know I’ve been heard.


We can laugh with abandon,

Say outrageous things,

But I know you’ll support me

Whatever life brings.


There are moments of anger,

Some moments with tears,

But our connection continues

Through-out the years.


You challenge my thinking, 

See into my heart,

And I know when you’re gone,

We are not far apart.


For the connection we share

Is filled with God’s grace.

With you walking beside me,

I’m in a safe place.