Reflections on America: What happened To My Country?

” I came across this article I wrote in Nov. 2014. It still brings me to tears as I read it. Five years have gone by and I have seen many changes in Congress and the American people. The changes have wounded me. They have yanked out of me all of the dreams I saw possible in America when I was young, and full of ideals. I have worked hard to rectify the situation by signing petitions, calling and writing congress, talking to people, and keeping informed. Maybe someday, we can be that shinning light on a hill, for other nations, and the American people. Maybe, if we finally wake up, we can again work to embody, ‘freedom, justice, and equality for all.’ I pray that it may happen for all of us. It will take hard work and the vision that we can be better human beings than we are now.” 12-07-19. Yu/stan/kema.


“My Country ‘Tis Of Thee”

When I was growing up in a mid-sized town in the  middle of America’s Heartland, we could all recite the Pledge of Allegiance and could sing  the song  “America” by heart. When a flag went by, we stood at attention with our hands held over our hearts. At the age of eleven, I could recite all  the names of the presidents in the order in which they served this great country. We learned a lot of things about the presidents and the battles fought to keep our land and people safe. I had the great opportunity of seeing Eisenhower in person and I watched him become president. I remember many of us wearing badges on the front of our shirts which had the logo,” I like Ike.” I had the honor of hearing the stirring words of John F. Kennedy, ” Ask Not what your country can do for you but rather ask, what can…

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Poems About Nature I Like: “A Man Who Loves The Soil,” By Eleanor Lyons Culver.


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A MAN WHO LOVES THE SOIL                                                          

I think a man who loves the soil,

Harvesting a wheat field in S. Dakota. Found on Pinterest.

Who bends above the fertile earth,

And plants the seed with calloused hands

Must be a gentle man of worth.

A man who cherishes the sod

Must surely be a friend of God!


I think a man who loves the soil;

Who nurtures every growing thing,

And watches with expectancy

For nature’s fruitful harvesting,

Who oft has plowed the lands he’s trod,

Must be a partner of God.


I think a man who loves the soil

Finds happiness in rich supply;

Though toil he must to earn his bread

He reaps much more than wheat and rye,

For with each little grain or pod

He cultivates a faith in God.



” A farmer spends a lot of his life outdoors

and watches the seasons come and go. He

experiences bringing forth life by planting a

seed in the ground and nurturing it.

He watches it grow, and harvests it.

He watches it die, plows it under, and

waits until it is time to plant seed again.

Nature brings him closer to God because

of what he does.”        YU/STAN/KEMA



A Peaceful Night.


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Light fades slowly

with the coming of the dusk.

Babies sigh softly,                                     

Found on Pinterest on 9-21-15.

as they learn to trust

the arms that rock them

‘Til day-light disappears.

Eyes glow brightly

as love removes their fears.


Darkness covers valleys

and hides the mountains high.

Birds are moving gently

when MAMA-birds are nigh.

Night-in-gales are singing

before they go to sleep.

God will keep all creatures

safe within His keep.



” I Have Found Peace,” by Edgar Daniel Kramer.


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 ” Every one of us yearns for peace in living, in some form or another. A baby finds it in the arms of his caring mother as she rocks him to sleep. A child finds it playing outside in the dappled sunlight as he watches the insects, smells the fresh clean air, and hears the sounds of birds singing and chirping in a quiet meadow or forest.

A mother finds peace as she watches her child fall asleep in a house filled with kindness and love. A man finds peace in fishing as he watches the water and the sky while casting for trout. And an old woman finds peace in knowing she has loved well the people she has cared for and has raised children who do acts of kindness for those who are most vulnerable.

Peace is something we all need, to balance out the times we encounter stress, and the times we carry losses that overwhelm us. Some people find peace in their relationship with God, their loved ones, the things they create, or in nature. This is expressed so eloquently in the following poem by Edgar Daniel Kramer.”     Yu/stan/kema.


Found on Facebook Timeline on 7-24-17. Country and Farm Photography. Taken by Carolyn Anderson.







I have found peace where the rippling waters

Ever whisper the willow boughs;

There I have knelt to an unseen altar.

An unseen temple has heard my vows.


Found on Pinterest on 12-17-16. Stephen Hayward. Stars

I have lifted my heart to the heart of beauty

And I have given my soul to her,

As I have hearkened the rippling waters,

Where the willow leaves and the grasses stir.


Though I was blind, now my eyes are seeing…

The mystic wonders that never cease;

The dawn in the trees, the dusk on the flowers,

The dust of the stars, and I have found peace.





To The Congress Of The United States Of America: “The Merits Of Beauty.”


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Beauty surrounds us daily in all kinds of forms. Most of it, we take for granted or we are so engrossed in technology, we have no time or energy left for anything else. But when the weight of responsibilities, the hard disappointments of life, and our souls become overwhelmed by all the evil deeds we are forced to witness, we are drawn back to beauty that always reminds us that no matter how bad it gets, there is something we can grab on to that creates hope inside us when nothing else can.

The mountains, the canyons, the forests, the rivers, and valleys remind us that something bigger than us exists. Beauty leads us to the Almighty God. It connects us to Him for the rest of our lives. Beauty has the ability to challenge us, develop our character, and teach us lessons in life. Children instinctively know this and are drawn to the outdoors which has the ability to heal us and comfort us.

Over the years, wise men of honor and character have recognized this and have protected these sacred places. Let us hope we still have men and women of honor in high places of power that have the courage to protect and care for that which God entrusted to all of us and not be blinded by status, power, or greed. Our very souls are at risk if they do otherwise.


Pat Eagleman.

“Katherine Lee Bates wrote, America The Beautiful. The first stanza of her poem, song says it all:

O beautiful for spacious skies,

For amber waves of grain,

For purple mountains majesties

Above the fruited plain!

America! America!

God shed His grace on thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea! “




The Friends We Have In Life.


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I have grieved for old companions,

those I knew from years ago.

Steadfast friends who knew me well,

now lying under winter’s snow.


Those who fought with me in battle

And wept when men around us died.

Men who shared their inmost secrets

as we tried to stay alive.


Childhood friends, never forgotten,             

Found on Pinterest on 5-29-16.American Heroes. Tony Evans. John 15:13. The Bible.

often come across my mind.

Memories of peals of laughter

as we shared the things we’d find.


Now I am old and most are gone

to another place and time.

My new friends hardly know me, 

and I have mountains to climb.







The Seasons In Life.


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For years I’ve watched the seasons come,

And I’ve watched the seasons go.

They reflect that all living things

Change as they grow.


The seed lies dormant in the earth                                       

Found on Pinterest on 4-30-17. Saved from an article on

And then sprouts forth with life.

An infant lies in his mother’s womb

And is born with lots of strife.


A tree needs enough nutrients

In order to grow strong.

A baby needs good nourishment

For his body to grow long.


Spring brings the rain and the warm sun

That enables the tree to grow tall.

Childhood and adolescence give a child

Time to prepare for Fall.


A tree has leaves that shake and twist

In the Summer storms that pass by,

And they change to lovely colors as

The Fall season leaves them to die.


A young man faces the storms of life

With courage and a strong belief:

That God will be there through the worst

And  strengthen him in grief.


Or a man can choose to face those storms

With bitterness and hate,

And blame God for the things he lost

And leave the rest to fate.


For surely as the seasons pass,

Death comes to every man,

And he must choose to walk away,

Or reach out for God’s hand.


The tree drops seeds on the ground

And they end up down below 

The earth and wait until next Spring

When new trees will grow.







The Truth About Living.


Found on Pinterest on 10-25-15. Found on Pinterest on 10-25-15. Jackson Kiddard

When I was young, I believed true courage was accepting whatever life threw your way. That life was filled with good experiences and difficult times, and a brave man suffered in silence, did not complain, or let the world know his fears, his hurts, or disappointments,  but rather he kept his chin up and showed  the world a calm, confident, humorous face. I believed that one should always be aware of his blessings, think positive thoughts, and fight his battles alone.

I believed  stories should be kept secret if they contained elements of violence, emotional abuse, or had subject matter that had a tendency to make people feel uncomfortable, anxious , or depressed. I felt my job was to help others, and bring joy to the world by not needing anything, not burdening any one, but rather live a life of self-sacrifice.


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