Favorite Poems I Like: #1- “The Child In The Garden.”


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When to the garden of untroubled thought

I came of late, and saw the open door,                                                    

Found on Pinterest on 6-11-17. Saved from meetup.com. Darkfire. Magic & Mysteries.

And wished again to enter, and explore

The sweet, wild ways with stainless bloom inwrought,

And bowers of innocence with beauty fraught,

It seemed some purer voice must speak before

I dared to tread that garden loved of yore,

That Eden lost unknown and found unsought.


Then just within the gate I saw a child,-

A stranger-child, yet to my heart most dear;

He held his hands to me, and softly smiled 

With eyes that knew no shade of sin or fear:

Come in,” he said, “and play awhile with me;

I am the little  child you used to be.”



“Too soon we leave our childhood behind. A time when thoughts were pure and untainted with misconceptions or influence; when ideas were unfettered and free to roam; and our spirits were wild and unafraid to speak our truth.

With adulthood, our creativity suffers and we set boundaries on what we can and cannot share. Our fear holds us hostage and causes anxiety. So we yearn to return to a time when we stretched out on our backs and let our minds fly free to explore worlds not yet tamed. We miss that child who experienced the world with such delight and felt  peace.”    Yu/stan/kema.


A Safe Connection.


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When I can be me 

And you can be you,

How delightful is time

Spent with us, two.


We can laugh at ourselves

And be truthful with words.

I can tell you my secrets

And know I’ve been heard.


We can laugh with abandon,

Say outrageous things,

But I know you’ll support me

Whatever life brings.


There are moments of anger,

Some moments with tears,

But our connection continues

Through-out the years.


You challenge my thinking, 

See into my heart,

And I know when you’re gone,

We are not far apart.


For the connection we share

Is filled with God’s grace.

With you walking beside me,

I’m in a safe place.



Opposites In Life.


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The wind is blowing fierce today.

It scatters debris from winter’s decay.

It’s breath is cold and sharp as a knife,

And reminds us that struggle’s a part of life. 


We’d like for our days to be filled with joy,

And nothing in life that could annoy;

Years full of people who bring us love,

And cloudless skies with the sun above.


The truth is life is made up of years

That bring us both joy and tears.

We are given the good and often the bad.

Sometimes we’re happy and sometimes we’re sad.


What if each day was always the same: 

Nobody  hugged us or called out our name;

Nobody laughed and nobody cried,

And people weren’t sick and nobody died.


Would we value the things we are given,

Or ask ourselves if life was worth livin’ ?

Sometimes it takes the opposites to see

Both are found in each destiny.




The Shooting: The End Of Innocence and Trust.


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The children came to school,

feeling quite secure,

safe within the womb 

of their belief:

” I know I’ll live forever.”


They followed old routines,

told jokes that made them laugh,

made contact with each other,

and felt such huge relief

at leaving home behind.


Students sat on wood seats,

focused on a young teacher,

who tried to pour facts

into distracted minds.

A fire alarm went off.


They rose and marched together

to the opened hallways

Where death waited. 

They did not know the horror

that lurked around the corner.


The noise of shuffling feet

drowned out the awful sound

of bullets sliding in to place.

The shooter opened fire,

and students were hit.


Young bodies jerked,

As pent-up anger

Found a quick release.

The shooter felt the power

Flowing from his rifle.


Students fell down 

and became like children, crying:

” Please, someone help us.”

“Were in need of care.”

Friends sat and whispered


to the dying, these words:

“I really love you, man.”

Tears dropped on bodies

that would never move again

and eyes that could not see.


When the shooting ended,

and their arms stopped shaking,

the Survivors came together

and talked about their feelings.

and the need to be safe.


They had lost their innocence.

Friends were gone forever.

They wanted to take action,

To prevent school violence

From happening again.


They have formed an army

To reach the souls of men,

To encourage them to vote 

To keep all children safe,

and honor those who died.


Let us march beside them

and lift our voices too,

and vote with our conscience,

to make change come true,

for them, for me, and you.






The Truth About Love.


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When you have too much love,

And you have too much hope,

You can end up battered,

And find you can’t cope.


Found on Pinterest on 4-6-17. My Own Little WorlDm. ff.com/worldk2.

When evil is winning

And good’s tossed aside,

Your soul trembles

From tears left inside.


When you search for answers

That you cannot find,

Try looking in side you.

They lay in your mind.


You’ve fought a great battle

Over the years.

You have to accept how

To live with your tears.


You have a kind spirit,

You believe in the good.

Even when hurting,

You say a good word.


When you feel disappointed,

Your heart breaks in two.

The pain ends up taking

A big piece of you.


But Love can feel great,

And giving brings pleasure.

Yet, Love can bring sorrow,

And pain beyond measure.






This Struggle Is Real.


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America is reeling from

insidious attacks

within the halls

of Congress and outside

it’s crumbling shores.


Corruption eats at the

heart of Lady Liberty

as  rich men buy votes

from those who have forgotten

how to lead and serve

their country men.


Their hollow, empty eyes

reflect a lack of morals

as they spend their days

catering to those men

who are hiding in the shadows

and who spit forth lies to mislead,

and cover up their evil deeds.


Congressmen choose to lie 

and steal so they can win,

without regard for human life.

In a mad dash for power,

they break rules and make

promises they don’t 

intend to keep.


Congress bows to a man

who has taken their power

and who rules with

complete authority.

He does so without restraint

and operates from a

position of self-interest.


The well-being of the People

Congress serves is  forgotten.

They serve power and greed.

Their goal is to win, at all cost.

America has been dealt

a terrible blow.


Citizens stagger around

in a stupor, not quite grasping

what has happened to them,

but smart enough to know

America is bleeding and

needs medical attention.

Others follow blindly

like sheep to the slaughter,

believing in those who lie

and say the promised land

is right around the corner.


Where will it all end,

and can a Nation now divided

come together to create

a more perfect union?

Can we focus on the things

we all have in common

and accept our differences

as a symbol of strength?

Will we awake in time

to safeguard our Country

and our precious liberty?





Nothing Is Forever In Life.


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The hardest concept we struggle with in life is: Nothing is forever. Deep inside us lies the need and the want to feel secure. We want things to be a certain way but the truth of the matter is, life just is. Life is full of changes, yet we seek reassurance from others that things will last for a long time.

We spend our days trying to please those we love. Love feels good and we are validated when others see us as being important and of value to them. We hang on to jobs we enjoy, even though it would be better for us to move on to new challenges and discover new areas for growth. We buy homes and put a lot of ourselves into them. We enjoy, peace, security, and comfort there. We find ourselves fighting to stay in them and we tell ourselves we will never leave.

We make friends that we know will last forever, only to find in the end that people move, die, or events occur that cause relationships to change. Marriages end regardless of the efforts we take to save them. We have children, develop close bonds with them, and believe we will have them in our lives for many years. But children grow up, separate from us, and move away to establish families and careers.

When we are young, we believe our bodies will stay strong and healthy. Our bodies age, our energy wanes, and our movements are slower. Accidents happen, and losses  occur. Our sense of control changes. There are times when others make decisions for us, not always in our best interests.

Over the years, we come to realize that relationships and things are temporary. In old age, we see this more clearly. We see our friends die, and our dreams disappear. We ready ourselves for death in the time we have left. We struggle with what comes after death. Our faith leads us to believe that God waits for us on the other side, and our loved ones wait for us as well. Yet, we struggle with what is temporary and what is permanent. What saves us is our hope and faith, for inside us all, we still believe some things last forever. 


The Changing Face Of Perception.


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It always amazes me how in times of adversity, our lives seem to take on a covering of darkness. We are quick to call it fate, being unlucky in life, or we are being punished by some outside force for not doing what we are told to do. We develop tunnel vision and list all the negative events in our lives to prove to ourselves that we are correct in our assumptions why a particular event occurs.

We rail against God, fate, or the unreasonable expectations of others. We criticize ourselves for the mistakes we make like trusting other people too much or relying on others instead of doing it ourselves. We tell ourselves we should be smarter, stronger, wiser, better equipped, and more self-reliant.

But the truth about adversity or negative events occurring may be as simple as reminding ourselves that life has always been full of positive and negative events. The sun rises and the sun sets, seasons come and go, and things live and things die. Good and evil exist in our world. We are given things and sometimes they are taken away whether we like it or not. Life happens and our sense of being in control fluctuates throughout our life span.

We can make our lives easier if we just accept that change is a part of living, and that evil exists but we can choose to be a force for good in our own lives, and the lives of those we come in contact with. We can learn better coping skills and teach ourselves to accept those things we can not change. We can also remind ourselves of our blessings and learn to enjoy them in the moments we are experiencing them. We can take them out and look at them again in times of adversity and remind ourselves that goodness and love still exist, even in the darkness.

In order to do this, we have to make a commitment to observe our thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts come and we can feel our emotions, but we don’t have to  allow them to overwhelm us. We can choose to become active participants in our own lives, or we can choose to focus on being victims in need of safety. It will take persistence, courage, and trust in ourselves to achieve this. In the end, we can also find peace.


Have A Little Trust In Me.


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Girl, do you know

Which way to go,

When you feel alone

With no home of your own?


Can you honestly feel

This love that is real?

Can you hear my song

As we travel along?


Put your hand in mine.

It’s going to be fine.

I’ll teach you to cope.

You’ve got to have hope.


You have to believe

That I’ll help you to grieve.

I’ll walk by your side

With my heart opened wide.


Have a little faith.

I’ll keep you safe.

One day you will see,

Your Soul fly free.


Finding Peace When You Are Small.


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Oh fly, fly little baby,

Fly, fly little one.

When the pain hurts too much,

Let go when day is done.


Rise up on wings of fairy dust                                              

Found on Pinterest on 12-17-16. Stephen Hayward. Stars.

And dance among the stars.

Say hello to Venus,

And wave good-bye to Mars.


Lay back against the crescent moon,

And God will rock you to sleep, 

As the angels sing you a lullaby

That would make a grown man weep.


The world can be a scary place

When you are small and alone.

Let God’s finger point the way

To a home you can call your own.


Don’t let go of the Hope inside.

Reach out with your tiny hand.

Trust in others to see you through 

To find peace in the Promised Land.