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Howard. AKC Goldleaf’s Midnight Sun. Tri-color



Five years ago, I lost the best friend I ever had to old age. When she was young, she could jump so high and so far over my deck, I was sure she could fly. I could shout three words and she would run fast as the wind around trees and bushes like a barrel racer does in a rodeo. She grinned a lot, even in her sleep. We walked together in rain, snow, and sunshine. She would lay beside my chair when I read outdoors, watched over me as I straddled a ladder trimming trees and bushes, and protected me at those times she sensed it was necessary. She was a tri-color collie-black, white, and sable in color. When she sat, she looked like she had on a black tux. Her eyes were dark and her soul shone through when she would watch and study me from any where in the yard. There were times I knew she could read my mind.

Old age crept upon her like a thief in the night, robbing her of her ability to run, walk and even crawl. When she had trouble eating, I knew it was time. That ended up being the hardest day in my life. I must have cried a river of tears. I was inconsolable until one day, I closed my eyes, leaned back in my chair, full of grief, and I saw in my mind’s eye, her running over green fields and brooks, tongue out, and an incredible look of joy on her face. Then I knew, in the depths of my heart, my friend was waiting for me so we could once again run across green meadows in the sunlight when my time came to cross through heaven’s gate.

I stopped grieving then because I knew she was in a better place doing what she most loved to do. I think God knew I needed a sign, something to hold on to as proof that love between a woman and a dog lasts forever.