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There are times in life when everything seems to be going smoothly for me. The sky is blue, relationships are great, money is in my billfold, the bills are paid, and I feel great. I’m sure you have had days like this. Then out of the blue, something shatters my sense that everything is right with the world.

I get pneumonia and I end up in the hospital. While I am there, the Dr. says I also have this rare disease that I’ve had since I was born but it has been in remission for at least 60 years. You’d think after sixty years, it would have died out or worn itself out. But now, it chooses this inopportune time to make itself known, just when I was about to enjoy retirement and get social again. I had plans of travelling all over the United States and seeing all the wonderful beauty that was just waiting there for me. I had worked hard for thirty plus years and this was going to be my time to have fun. I was going to do all the things I had put off because of work constraints.

Now, I have to change my life style and my plans are scaled back. I have periods of OK energy and periods when my body won’t do what my brain tells it to do. I was one of those people who had to finish what I was doing no matter what. I just pushed myself when I felt tired and got the task done. Now when I get tired, I try to do the same thing, but I fall asleep and when I wake up at the keyboard, I’ve typed a lot of gibberish. If I don’t divide my reservoir of energy, I can end up at Wal-Mart  pushing my cart, falling asleep, and end up barely hitting people. I appreciate them yelling when my cart gets too close. The Dr. tells me to stay away from sick people so I don’t catch what they have. In the winter time,  everyone seems to be sick so my socializing has also been scaled back. I spend eight hours a month getting antibodies pumped back into my body. I end up scheduling my life around this disease. Then I wait months to be tested to see if its working. Patience is not an attribute of mine. I tend to get a little cranky a week before the IV is placed again into my arm. This schedule repeats itself until my body decides it has had enough.

The point of this story is you only have this moment in time. Allow yourself to do your living now and let laughter become a part of your life. Make your friendships now and love like you’ve never loved before. Enjoy every golden moment before you. Those moments are more precious than you can possibly realize. Things happen when we least expect them to.