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More Books From My Library

“Books have been a resource for me since the age of ten. I read voraciously the works of Freud, Harry Stack Sullivan, Karen Horney, and Jung. They helped me understand myself and others from a different perspective. I read some books for information and some for comfort, such as books of poetry. Henry Van Dyke and Henry Longfellow were my favorite poets. I  read for entertainment the books of Gene Stratton-Porter, Albert Terhune, Mother West Wind Stories, and Nancy Drew. These books became like old friends. They ultimately led me to my career in life.”

  1.  freeclassics110111The 5 Love Languages of Children. Gary Chapman and      Ross Campbell
  2.  Why Me? Why Mine? Clear Thinking About Suffering. Paul Andrus.
  3. Attachment in Psychotherapy. David J Wallin.
  4. Love Is Letting Go Of Fear. Gerold Jampolsky,M.D.
  5. Learning To Love Yourself. Sharon Wegscheider- Cruse.
  6. Making Friends. A Guide to Getting Along With People. Andrew Matthews.
  7. Healing The Child Within. Charles Whitfield.
  8. Leaves Falling Gently. Susan Bauer-Wu. Ph.D.
  9. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Raymond Flannery., Jr., Ph.D
  10. . Dancing With Fear. Paul Foxman, Ph.D.
  11. Elements of Crisis Intervention. James Greenstone and Sharon Levilon.
  12. Grief: Normal, Complicated, Traumatic. Linda J. Schupp, Ph.D.
  13. The Anger Control Workbook. Matthew McKay, Ph.D and Peter Rogers,Ph.D.
  14. Panic Attack Workbook. David Carbonell, Ph.D.
  15. The Feeling Good Handbook. David Burns,M.D.
  16. Coping With Trauma: A Guide to Self-understanding. Jon G. Allen, Ph.D.
  17. How Can I Help Her? A Handbook for Partners of Women Sexually Abused as Children. Joan Spear, LSCSW.
  18. Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Survivor’s Guide For Men. Suzanne Rice And Russell Forrest.
  19. Enjoy Life: Healing With Happiness. Lynn D. Johnson,Ph.D.
  20. Life is Goodbye. Life is Hello. Alla Bozarth-Campbell, Ph.D.
  21. The Book of Stress Survival. Alix Kirsta.
  22. Managing Your Anxiety. Christopher J. McCullough, Ph.D and Robert Woodsmann.

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