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Doing what we love and doing it often is a step forward in finding true happiness. It  reflects the innermost pieces of our heart and soul. It is where our souls connect with God. We are driven by some unquenchable fire that cannot burn out. We sing, we write, we act, we do our life’s work because it is in us to do it and it is surely the best part of us seeking expression. Susan Boyle says it all when she sings the lyrics,” It is who I was born to be.” We who feel it know with every fiber of our being what it means to say, ” This is what I was born to do.” It is a part of every breath we take and every beat of our heart. It gives us great joy when we do what we love to do. It is in sharing this gift we are given that enables us to tap into the river of love which connects us to Something bigger than ourselves. It makes us more than human. It renews our spirit and makes our soul sing.                                  Yu/stan/kema

Found on Pinterest on 12-27-14.

Found on Pinterest on 12-27-14; Glenn Murcutt.