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ccc.org picture-quotes. Found 12-29-14. Romans 12:12.

ccc.org picture-quotes. Found 12-29-14. Romans 12:12.

It is so important to be mindful of the times we experience hope. The joy  we feel at these times renews us and inspires us. We need to underline these moments and when hard times come, focus on them. We have a tendency to do the opposite and focus on our despair. We lose out on so much while focusing on the negative. Hope is essential in order for us to survive.

I have never been good in being patient in affliction. I want it over as quickly as possible and often miss the opportunity to develop character. It is in suffering that we come to cherish that which we once had and learn from our losses.

Being faithful in prayer would make us more ready in adversity. Again, our human tendency is to pray only when we are in trouble and we forget to be thankful to God in the good times.. We need to remember that staying in the present is important in every moment in life and we need to focus on what we do have and not what we don’t have.