Laughter is the one thing that has helped me through some real tough times. There is something cleansing about it.  I was born with the ability to laugh at my self. It is never derogatory or hurtful in nature towards myself or any one else. The more I realize my humanity, I laugh. Once I get task oriented, I have a single track mind. My son knows this about me. When he was eight, he left a surprise for me before he went to school. He knew it was laundry day. I went into my bedroom to collect the clothes out of my clothes hamper. I lifted the lid and out jumped some horrifying thing. It sailed through the air and almost hit my head. After I calmed my body and soothed my nerves, I went back to see what it was. He had taken a coat hanger, a rubber band, and a wadded up towel and  he jerry-rigged the coat hanger so the towel would fly when released. When he heard how scared I was at supper time, he laughed so hard, I started laughing too

I have an orientation disability. I am probably the only person in my home town who gets lost in my doctor’s office even though I’ve gone there over a hundred times. I also get lost in bathrooms, and I have a hard time finding my car after parking it. Laughter reminds us we are human and that it’s OK to make mistakes.

Found on Google + on 12-15-14. Words Of Wisdom quote.

Found on Google + on 12-15-14. Words Of Wisdom quote.