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Found on Google+ . Nov. 17, 2014; Barbara Fedorezuk. 3278.

Found on Google+ . Nov. 17, 2014; Barbara Fedorezuk. 3278.

When I was young, beauty moved my heart to soar as eagles do when they fly over majestic mountains. Life flowed within my body. I chose to feel freedom and found a passion in the great outdoors. I danced among the daffodils, put my arms out as wings and I soared in my mind over mountains, valleys, and seashores. I held acorns, different shapes of leaves, and listened to birds whose bird calls floated on the summer air.  For hours, I would lie in the tall, green grass and stare at the blue sky and watch clouds drift by. There were times when I needed to be alone in order to find myself. I needed times of solitude. I would crawl inside an old cedar tree out back and pretend I lived in a forest where no other human being existed. A feeling of calmness came over me because I knew for a short period of time, I was free and safe. Nature always reminded me of my place in the world and taught me perspective on what was important in life and what was not. She was my comforter and my teacher in difficult times.