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Found on Pinterest on 1-16-15.

Found on Pinterest on 1-16-15.

All of us at times get to the place where we have to retreat, away from people, to find solace, to find a place to heal. We become battered in trying to believe man can reach out and be all that he is meant to be. We need to retreat when we realize that people can fail us, disappoint us. That what we thought was real is not real. It is hard when we find out that people are not who you thought they were. You end up feeling a deep sadness and you grieve for them and you also grieve for yourself. You grieve for the lost ideal, the loss of innocence, and the loss of trust. Sometimes you want it so much, that shared connection to God, that you become blinded by reality. It is then that we must find something bigger than us, finer than us, so we can finally let go and weep. This quote  is excellent for describing this state of the heart.