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Lovely Flowers- Magnolia. Elena Nitu. Found on Google+ on 3-11-15.

Lovely Flowers Magnolia. Elena Nitu. Found on Google+ on 3-11-15.

There are times in life when we go through difficult times that try the soul. These times can be critical points along our path that can cause great growth or severe devastation. We usually feel lost, indecisive, weary. We experience feelings we never knew we had. We feel fear deep inside the heart because we do not want to go through another loss. So we start to  listen to our hearts. We put away knowledge, pride, and the need to be right. We start asking ourselves instead, “What do I really need? What is it that I really want?” Not, ” what do other people want me to do or need for me to do, The answers seldom come quickly. They usually take time. I am use to making quick decisions after getting information I need. This is the first time making a decision has been so difficult.


Found on Pinterest on 3-1-15.

Found on Pinterest on 3-1-15.