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Valentine’s Day is here again and it brings up pleasant memories for most of us. I like it because it is filled with the spirit of people giving and telling others how much they appreciate them.

As human beings, we love in many different ways and for many different reasons. We love some people in our lives passionately and intensely. We can’t wait to be with them because they make us feel so good. We love other people in our lives because of a commitment we make to protect, care, and nurture them regardless of their faults and the problems they carry with them. These relationships are sometimes pleasant and sometimes they are not.

Then, there are friends we learn to love. Friends that have our backs when times get rough, that are loyal to us, and who we can lean on and depend upon. We love them with laughter, with our trust, and we make a commitment to be there for one other. We hold them close to our hearts.

There are people we meet who become special in our eyes because we know they accept us as we are, they seek to understand us, and they push us to grow emotionally and spiritually. They tell us the truth when no one else is willing to. They are committed to our well-being. Our love is more gentle and warm with them. Our love ebbs and flows like the tide. We feel grateful they are in our lives and we respect them. We instinctively know we can trust them, and there is often a spiritual bond with them. They bring us peace.

There are people we love because they are human, and we realize our connection to them. We help them and give to them because they are in need, and we know that one day we too will be in need. We treat them with gentleness, kindness, and compassion.

On this Valentine’s Day, I would like to thank all those people I love for their time, attention, and affection towards me. This quote says it all:

Found on lessonslearnedinlife.com on 2-13-16.

Found on lessonslearnedinlife.com on 2-13-16.











Found on 7-2-16. Pinterest photo quote. the hiyL.com.

Found on 7-2-16. Pinterest photo quote. the hiyL.com.