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Found on Pinterest on 7-14-16. Becca Lee.

Found on Pinterest on 7-14-16. Becca Lee.


Life is filled with emotions, thoughts, moral dilemmas, and occurrences where polarities exist. Our lives reflect these every day and sometimes they can land  in the extremes. We are far more complex than we sometimes realize. Having polarization does not mean we are sick, wishy-washy, or less as human beings. It only means it’s a force we have to deal with. It just exists, and if we want to live life to the fullest, We have to learn through experience, knowledge, and social interactions to accept the fact that polarization is part of who we are.

In the beginning, The Bible presents God as being three parts in one entity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All three take on a different form, have different tasks to complete, and they have different ways of interacting with humanity. They also interact differently with each other and yet they come together united in a single purpose, and are presented as one entity. All through the Bible we see exact opposites paired together: light and darkness, good and evil, the spirit and the flesh, love and hatred, war and peace, obedience and defiance, and humility and pride. As human beings, we struggle to find some way to cope with all these things and become more like God.

Within ourselves, we have polarization with emotions. We can feel love for those we care about and we can also feel dislike, disappointment, rage, hurt, and resentment as well. On the same day, we can cry when we are hurt, and feel happy when we feel joy. It is also possible for us to hate and forgive in a day because of experiences we have, knowledge we gain, and events that occur.

We can experience polarization in our thoughts. One minute, we are pulled  back to messages we are given as children when something in the present triggers us. We can see someone in front of us and say he is stupid, yet two days later after listening to a speech, we can say how intelligent that person is.

Our actions can also be polarizing, such as a man cursing and hating himself, and six hours later, he tells others about his successes, rewards himself for his hard work, and pats himself on the back.

In time, we can learn to observe our emotions, thoughts, actions, and spiritual health. We can develop the ability to let go of things we can’t control, problem solve the things we can change, learn new patterns of interactions to improve relationships, and learn through mindfulness to accept ourselves as human beings capable of making mistakes. We can come to love and find ways to better care for ourselves. The strange thing is, when we do decide to bring out into the light those things we try to deny or hide, we are able to work on them, and see ourselves and others in a different light. The pain that sometimes comes with polarization can push us towards growth.



Found on Facebook Timeline on 8-1-16. Rocky Mountain Angel-cardinal.

Found on Facebook Timeline on 8-1-16. Rocky Mountain Angel-cardinal.