The Dropping Of A Shoe.


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The other shoe dropped

And hardly made a sound,

But it certainly bounced

When it hit the ground.


It shook the tattered heart, 

And made hope take flight.

It destroyed the birth of joy

And turned day into night.


It took a single hour

For a child’s self-respect, 

To be cut down a notch,

And leave her a wreck.


I guess it seemed like nothing,

The little thing you said.

For her it was the words,

That made her feel dead.


Perhaps some one older

Could have taken it in stride,

But she heard it as a child,

And it wounded her pride.


It damaged her belief

That she could overcome,

The trauma in her past,

Instead, she felt numb.


She can never forget

The words that hurt so,

And left her feeling

Like she did long ago.



A Spiritual Dilemma.


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I saw an old woman who was

Walking down the street.

Her face had wrinkles,

And her smile was sweet.


Her legs were supported

By an old steel cane.

You could tell she hurt,

For her eyes reflected pain.


She held her head high,

Wanted people to see,

She didn’t need their pity

But respect, like you and me.


She gave them a nod

And said a soft ” hello.”

They quickly looked away,

And  stared at their toes.


Not a word did they speak,

As they walked away from her.

She held her tears within

And felt her eyes blur.


She had gone to a Clinic,

Where she held a child’s hand.

She gave her some comfort

And promised to stand


By her side and be there,

To help her with pain,

To see her through surgery,

And talk with her again.


When she left the Clinic,

She walked down the street a ways.

She saw a poor man sitting,

Slumped, in a daze.


She reached inside her purse

And took out a piece of pie,

That was wrapped in a sack

And saw a grown man cry.


When she went home that night,

She ate her meal alone.

No one reached out to her

On the telephone.


She wondered why she was alive,

Why no one seemed to care,

Or miss her when she was gone.

Why was life not fair?


Why did she feel so guilty

Wanting so much more?

Perhaps life is sacrifice.

What was she waiting for?









We Have A Choice To Make.


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There is a storm growing

In the hearts of those who grieve,

The disrespect of all we hold

Most sacred and believe.


The wanton destruction of

Our parks and forest trails,

Shows no regard for people’s needs

Or Mother Nature’s wails.


The loss of dignified discourse

Replaced with angry words,

Leads to the need to win, divide

Others left unheard.


The rights of women and the poor

Are simply cast aside.

Cost containment is the goal.

Who cares “who lived or died.”


The cost of saving someone’s life, 

Means nothing to them,

Who have sold their souls for cash,

Yet claim they follow Him.


Someday we’ll have to make a choice

Which road our Country takes:

To be a force for evil/good.

We can’t make a mistake.



Some Gifts Of The Spirit.


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Peace comes to me in the morning                                                            

And alights soft as an angel’s wing.

Joy fills my heart to overflowing

And compels my soul to sing.

Love flows through me to my family

And out to a hurting world.

Patience teaches me to wait

For God’s plan to be unfurled.

Faith grows as time goes on,

And I leave the world behind.

I learn how to be more caring

With Jesus inside my mind.

Hope rises within my soul

Despite the gloom and the darkness.

For I know all of us can reflect

The light of God’s great goodness.



The Gift Of Christ


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Found on Pinterest on December 10, 2015. Dave Bowman.

On such a cold night as this,

A little babe was born

Into a world of racial strife,

And many were forlorn.


They must have felt, so keenly then,

That hope was all but lost.

So many babies had been killed,

And houses had been tossed.


Yet, a little baby boy

Survived the night to walk

The rugged hills of Galilee

And lead a shepherd’s flock.


He walked the shores of Galilee

And talked to fishermen.

He fed the poor, healed the sick,

And  forgave those with sin.


He treated kindly those He met,

Had mercy in His heart.

He touched the outcasts’ hands 

And made His giving an art.


He came to teach another way 

That men could finally live:

A life of love and service

And wanting to forgive.


For we were given a great gift

The world had never known:

A  gift of love and sacrifice, 

So none would die alone.


Learning To Deal With Evil.


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The forces of evil can

Come up behind you 

And take you by surprise,

Despite the things you do.


 Evil can flow into

The smallest of places,

Side-step your defenses,

And win over good graces.


Evil can wear the face

Of any religion,

In order to get others

To sanctify it’s position.


Evil can harm the soul

When old grievances remain

To fester and grow

And cause emotional pain.


Evil can be overcome by

Replacing bad thoughts with good

And holding on to the hope

That God’s plan can be understood.


Any place where God is residing,

Evil cannot persist.

Good intentions and prayer

Can help us all to resist.


Stand firm in your faith

And do what is right.

God will see you through

Even the darkest night.




Walking In The Sunlight.


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I”m  walking in the sunlight

Even though my heart is breaking. 

This world has seen enough misery,

To set my heart racing.


Found on Pinterest on 4-29-17. Mayford Woods, CrewKerne, Somerset.

People need a little break

From their worries and cares.

They need a helping hand  

And someone to say a prayer.


Be the one who reaches out 

With a warm and friendly smile.

Say the words to lift them up

And make them feel worthwhile.


For the world’s a lonely place

When the storms of life hit,

And they’ve lost the will to rise,

And need some nourishment.


Be the one who takes a step

To heal a broken heart,

And finds the time to wipe

Away the tears that start.


We are all facing sorrows.

Why not help one another? 

Let’s walk in the sunlight, 

And learn to love each other.



In Honor Of Beauty.


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Found on Pinterest on 6-11-16. Jasper National Park.

Why do you seek destruction                 

Of the beauty all around us?

You say, “To make some money.

No need to make a fuss.”


It takes years to grow a tree

While it shelters singing birds.

A tree has endless beauty

And is loved beyond words.


Have you ever climbed a mountain

And rested on its top?

Have you spent hours gazing

And found you could not stop?


Why gut protected places

God has taken time to make?

Why cut the virgin forests, 

Mine the canyons that you take?


Wild land has been protected

For many decades by the best,

Because they knew its worth

Was more than coins in a chest.


The canyons and the rivers

Became a place to find

The soul that lives inside us

And leave our cares behind.


A place where we could challenge

The best we could become,

And find the time to talk to

The God we all come from.


We don’t need men to plunder,

Or steal the lands we trod,

Only to become more wealthy

And destroy what comes from God.


Please, Promise Me.


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Please, promise me, my little one                   

Found on Pinterest on 6-19-16. Fathers.

That as you grow into a man,

You’ll set goals for yourself

And do the best that you can.


It doesn’t matter if you fail

Or succeed in what you do,

As long as you feel satisfied

And keep the values found in you.


Promise me, as time goes by,

You’ll stop to help those in need,

Regardless of their circumstance,

Their race, income, or creed.


Establish time to get to know

The God who loves you for yourself

And sees within your great heart,

Your goodness and your soul’s wealth.


Make this a goal in your life,

To make the world a better place, 

Before God calls you home with Him,

To live forever in His grace.




Finding Your Way Home.


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Push out the darkness                                 

Found on Pinterest on 8-23-16. Ocean.

And let in a little light.

Steer underneath the stars

And embrace the coming night.


The winds of change are blowing 

With a mighty gale today.

Our moorings are loose,

And we have lost our way.


Search for the North Star

To guide your ship at sea.

Watch out for the rocks

And let your soul fly free.


Keep your compass with you

To point the way toward peace.

Put your faith in Jesus

And your worries will cease.


Turn your eyes toward Heaven

And let go of all the rest.

Christ will lead you home.

He knows which route is best.