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Daddy, can you hear me singing,                         

Found on Pinterest on 6-19-16. Father and Son. L’ubomir Cervence.

All the songs you sang to me,

As we walked the hills and meadows

In the state of Tennessee?


Can you see me hold a rifle,

Like you said, “So carefully,”

As I walk the streets of Bagdad

And drop to a trembling knee?


Can you smell the Honeysuckle                       

That filled the air in June,

As we sat on the back porch

And we both strummed a tune?


Do you remember all the lessons                       

Found on Pinterest on 6-17-17. Some Father/ son love. Eliza J. Photography.blogspot. com.

You took the time to make me learn:

How to be a man of courage,

And be kind when I am stern?


How to keep moving forward

When I’m tired and want to quit;

And when I’m in a tight place,

Take the time to pray a bit?


So many things you taught me,

Are useful over here:

Like “Be a man I’m proud of,”

And  “Stand your ground with fear.”


I wish I could have told you

As a boy and now a man,

How proud you made me, dad,

When you took me by the hand.


I loved your gentle laughter

Ringing in the summer air,

Found on Pinterest on 6-16-17. Julie Newell Photography.com.

As you put me on your shoulders,

Or you ruffled my hair.


There were times you scolded                        

When I was acting bad;

But you looked me in the eye

And said, “I’ll always be your dad.”


I really miss you, Father.

I see you often in my mind.

I’m glad God gave me to you.

You are one of a kind.




The Choices We Make.


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The five year-old child                                      

Found on Pinterest on 2-15-16. Despair. Domestic Violence.

Crawled In the darkness,

Trying to avoid the scurrying roaches,

And the discarded pieces of food

That littered the old wood floor.

The smell of whiskey hung in the air,

Along with the stink of vomit.

She heard noises and headed

For the door to the outside.

She heard the curses, and blows,

And screams that had been cut off.


She made her way through

The discarded beer bottles, 

And the dirty clothes that smelled

Of ripe perspiration and old grease.

The girl stayed low to the hardwood floor

And knew, if she made a sound,

Footsteps would  come, in her direction.

A razor strap would snap in the air

Before hitting her own backside.

She moved like a cat in the night

And pushed open the cracked door,

So she could pull herself through.


She crouched in the shadows                            

Found on Google+ on 10-31-15. Nabil Al Aroi.

Of the porch, before racing across

The grass to a Sycamore tree.

Soon, she stretched out flat 

Under the Sycamore’s branches

Whose leaves danced in the wind.

She looked through the canopy of leaves

In wonder to the heavens before her.


She saw the sky filled with stars,

And she traced her fingers

Across the Milky Way.

She saw the moon come up

And cast a silver path

Down to the earth.

Found on Pinterest on 6-11-17. Saved from meetup.com. Darkfire. Magic & Mysteries.


She held out her hands

To catch the moon light,                                      

That caressed her finger tips

Like a living thing.


“I choose,” she said.

“Here is where I belong.” 

” I choose beauty, not ugliness.”

“I choose peace, not hatred,”

She closed her eyes and slept.



You Must Follow Your Own Path.


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You must follow your own path.                

Found on Pinterest on 4-29-17. bonitavista.tumblr.com. Mayford Woods, CrewKerne, Somerset.

It determines your destiny.

When you follow someone else’s,

It minimizes your legacy.


You can get distracted

By the yearning to please,

Others you attach to

With the greatest of ease.


It is wise to find a good balance,

Of time, with others and self.

With the gift of solitude,

You’ll discover your inner wealth.


Seeing The Face Of Evil.


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I remember the first time

I came

Face to face with evil.                          

I looked it in the eye

And stood my ground,

While a gun was held

To the side of my head.

It was loaded,

And it was cocked.

I was unable to move

And I could not fight.


I did not kneel,

Even though

He told me too,

Nor did I have

The where-with-all

To pray.

I stood and looked

Evil in the eye,

And he stared

Back at me.


A child of seven,

I stood

Without fear,

Staring hard,

Into eyes


As a sea of darkness,

And a mouth so cruel,

Laughter never crossed

His unyielding lips.


He was big and

He leaned over me,

Snarling his hatred

And telling me lies.

I stood alone, 

And defiant;

And finally,

He walked away.


I had learned

A valuable lesson

That day:

How to sense evil

And know that


It is best

Not to fight

Or run away.



You have to wait

And stare evil

In the face.

As if to say,

I will not

Back away,

Nor deny

That you exist;

But I will not

Let you,

Defeat me.




God’s Love And Light Are Found In Us.


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Darkness swirls all around us,                                     

Makes us yearn for what is bright.

We all need some up-lifting,

And assurance we’ll be alright.


Christ, our Savior, beckons to us,

Found on Beating Trauma.com. on 3-26-16. Bryant McGill.

Says for us to trust in Him,

Take Him in our hearts forever,

Even when our hope grows dim.


“Dear sweet child, it is your duty                         

To spread the message of My love,

And the hope of sweet redemption,

That awaits us all above.”


“Shine your light,” says the Savior,                    

“Don’t be timid with its glow,

 For it will guide souls to safety,

Even though the rough winds blow.”


“We must tear down the barriers                                

Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16.. Daniel F. Gerhartz. Innocence. studyincontrasts.tumblr.com.

That divide us from each other

And do the things that bring us

Closer to one another.”


“Shine your light in the shadows,

Reveal your fears that gather there.

Let us join hands together,

To heal the sorrows that we share.”


” For God’s love is ever-present,

Even if your flame burns low.

When you bring your souls together,

God’s love multiplies and grows.”


“For she who teaches me.”


The Grieving Bee.


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Found on Pinterest on 6-1-17. Still Flying by Mohan Duwal on Fivehundredpx.com.

Jack was a very curious bee,

Still he avoided the boundless sea.

He knew if he fell in to the waves,

He’d never know nectar from a pear tree.

So he huddled near by, under a leaf,

With hope in his heart and the strong belief,

That someday he could find love again

If he could live through this terrible grief:


He once loved a bee as sweet as wine,

And he made her his valentine.

She would race from him to the flowers

And dance with him before she’d dine.

They came together one stormy night.

She laid by him, snuggled in tight.

He wanted her for the rest of his life.

He found her dead in the morning light.


She had fallen down

From the tree to the ground.

She had fallen so quickly

Without a sound.

He mourned her for days

Her sweet, gentle ways.

He’d imagine her dancing

In  the sun’s rays.

Found on Pinterest on 6-1-17. awesomeinventions. com.


He decided to travel home for a while,                        

And try to forget her wonderful smile.

He traveled back to where he was born,

Knowing full well he was in denial.

He learned that: Bees come and die;

Sometimes there just isn’t a why;

Live in each moment as much as you can;

And don’t let good love pass you by.











Forever Friendships.


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Losing life-time friendships              

Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16. beaches,
Donna Matthews.

Is always full of pain.

They take you down a road

That’s called Memory Lane.


You see your past youth

On every living page

In the book of friendship

As  you slowly age.


You touch days of laughter,

You quickly savor joy.

You treasure every moment

Spent with your little boy.


You share a moment of magic

With every creative expression.

You’ve learned to accept the loss

That comes with their cessation.


Found on Pinterest on 9-29-16. Castle Lakes R.V. Campsite at Lake City, Colo. Anita Lequoia Outdoor Living.

Values, beliefs, and religion

Bound us so tightly.

There wasn’t a moment in time

When we took this lightly.


So many things we learned

By spending time together.                          

We thought we would be friends

 For ever and for ever.


Yet, I am left with a loss,

That has left a huge hole,

In the middle of my chest,

And taken a part of my soul.


Prayer For The Light.


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Lord of Love and glorious Light,                           

Found on Pinterest on 5-24-17. Bob Berran. godisreal.today.

Please stay with me through the night.

Help me face the morning bright

And give me strength to do what’s right.


When I’ve lost all hope inside,                              

And I choke on wounded pride,

I’ll soon accept what’s been denied:

Loss of friends and dreams that died.


Be with me as my heart weeps

LDS artists, Greg Olsen, Del Parson on Pinterest on 5-24-17. Life Reflection. edlann.hubpages.com article.

While the night-time slowly creeps.

Pull me from a hole that’s deep.

I pray today my soul You’ll keep.


Take my hand and lift me high,                        

So that I can touch the sky.

Hold me gently as I cry,

As I tell the world good-bye.


Finding Peace In Nature.


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Found on Pinterest on 5-13-17.. Saved from flickr.com. Geyser Gary. Fairy Falls, Oregon.

In the green forest, I walk,

Lost in a myriad of shades

 Of green and brown.

The leaves shimmer

In the rays of the sunlight.

Some of the trees

Stand tall in the 

Shadows of the forest.

I stand transfixed

By the sound of silence.

I close my eyes

And smell the rich

Soil teaming with life.


I  carry within me

An ocean of sadness.

It ‘s pain pierces me,

And leaves me

Feeling defenseless.

I am burdened by shame

And feel  the old memories

Crawl to the surface

Of my consciousness.

I yearn to feel

Cool water against

My face and hair.

I pray for peace.


I gather my strength

And walk down 

The old forest trail.

I hear the sound

Of  running water

Falling against

The surfaces of rocks.

I see ahead of me

A cascade of

Small waterfalls. 

I slowly walk under

The cool water,

Feeling able to breathe again.


I can feel the gentle hands                          

Found on Pinterest on 10-23-16. Henry David Thoreau. Saved from Idnaturephotography.com.

Of the falling mist

Caress my troubled brow.

I can hear the rush

Of cascading water;

 Feel the wetness

Against my dry skin;

And hear the song

The dancing water

Makes, striking stone.

I feel my pain wash away,

And God’s peace

Descend on me.



Memorial Day Tribute.

For those who died to keep safe our freedoms.


Who will remember

the dead,

long after their bodies

have been laid to rest?                     

Found on Pinterest on 5-29-16. Memorial Day . From Singing Through The Rain. Found on Pinterest on 5-29-16. Memorial Day . From Singing Through The Rain.

Who will mourn for

all the young soldiers

who lost their lives

so we could be free?

Who will lay a flower

at the feet of a warrior

Who was loved and

cherished by all?

Who will speak

for the silent heroes

who sleep in a grave

across the sea?

Who will weep for

the mother who held

her child with

so much tenderness?

Or a father who taught

a boy to be

a  man full

of integrity.

Do not forget

these brave souls,

who left behind

A legacy                                           

Found on Pinterest on 5-29-16.American Heroes. Tony Evans. John 15:13. The Bible. Found on Pinterest…

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