When Friendship Dies.



Slivers of pain pierces my heart

like a sharp-edged knife,

that carries destruction along its path.

 The pain enters my flesh and carves out

sweet memories of long ago,

when trust was a living, breathing part

of all a good friendship could be.

In a treasure chest safe within,

I kept precious moments

to remind me of how dear

such a friendship could grow.

Little did I know that time

could change any relationship,

twisting and bending it into

something else entirely.

I learned with heartache and pain,

some friendships aren’t forever.

Any one can break a caring heart

that needs commitment to survive.

When hope dies, the light of love

goes out in a friend’s eyes.



Build A Bridge To Heaven.


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Take time to build a bridge to heaven                  

Found on Pinterest on 11-12-17. reiki.reikihealingsecr. Camino al cielo.

So when the world get’s heavy to bear,

Your soul can reach out to Jesus

Who’ll receive your burdens to share.


Some burdens are much too heavy,

For one person to carry for sure.

Life is often filled with losses,

Too numerous for you to endure.


Don’t be unkind and feel you are weak,

Just because you reach out your hand.

There are days we need somebody

And someone who understands.


It’s part of you being human,                        

While living in a world full of pain.

Learn to give your burden to Jesus.

His love is always the same.


How Will History Remember Us?


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The sun tries to set on our Democracy,

And we find ourselves at a crossroad.

We must decide what we want our children

And our Nation to stand for and reflect, 

To the world that watches us.

Shall we reflect:

Freedom or Tyranny?

Honesty or Deception?

Charity or Hatred?

Rules of Law or Chaos?

Benevolence or Greed?

Acceptance of all or Discrimination?

Fairness or Cruelty?

Honor or Disrespect?

Good or Evil?


Which road will we choose?

How will history remember us?

Our destiny lies within each of us.

Make your voice heard.

Rise up and VOTE.




The Girl Who Played With Fairies.


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Going down to the rain-filled creek,                 

Found on Pinterest on 4-2-16. Childreninnature.

She skipped her way to the water.

She was eager to see her special place,

And her feet did not falter.


She needed a place away from death,

And free from the worries of life.

All she needed was a happy space

That was free from human strife.


She tip-toed through the airy glade

Where the little fairies played.

She made her way to the water’s edge,

So she and the fairies could wade.


They gathered stones and arranged them 

To use for tables and chairs.

They drank their tea and ate their food

After they said their prayers.


They talked as the hours passed,

And they sang the girl to sleep.

When she awoke, she felt alive

And happy beside the creek.


She gathered her thoughts and resolve;

Found courage to get through the day;

Her spirit filled with love and  joy,

As she smiled and walked away.


There are those who say

Those fairies aren’t real,

But they’ve forgotten one thing:

All children believe what they feel.


Life Is A Balancing Act.


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Found on Pinterest on 4-7-17. Akhyar Maha on Five hundred,px.

From the time we are born until the time we die, we seem to juggle things in our environment in order to get our needs met or find a place of equilibrium so we can feel safe and reasonably happy.

As a baby, we learn to cry to get attention so we can signal to others that something is not as we want it to be whether it be a lack of food, water, or a clean bottom. As we grow older, we learn the cues on how to please those we rely upon for our survival. If we frown too much or scream too much, we often upset the apple cart and don’t get our needs met in the affectionate way we prefer. We may get what we want, but we may pay a price for our impatience. If we call people names or curse, we learn we may not get what we need at all. 

As we grow into adulthood, we learn how to compromise, how to give in when the cost is not too prohibitive. When love comes along, we learn to sacrifice at times so the other person gets what he or she needs or wants. We learn the art of give and take, the difference between need and want, and how to analyze the pros and cons of a situation.  And sadly, we learn with a lot of pain, what happens when we give too much when the other person gives too little. We come to understand the delicate balance of caring for our own needs as well as those of other people.

As we enter in to the sunset of our lives, we find the balance between taking risks and being safe, how much to cling to and when to let go. We learn to slow down, if we are intelligent, and we take the time to be aware of what is around us and become grateful for the little things in life.

We find that we can survive with less, and that love and family is more valuable than having lots of money to spend. We become more interested in what we leave behind and what lies before us and less interested in material things. We learn that loss happens to all of us and that we need to take the time to grieve for those things that are gone. We learn to balance our expectations when coming face to face with what is, and most of all, we come to value peace, above all things. Hopefully, we find the courage to walk the tight-rope between life and death before we finally let go for the very last time.



Autumn In Kansas.


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Autumn comes on tip-toe this year                       

 In the waning days of October.

The cold wind blows into Kansas,

And animals grow more fur.


Found on Google+ on 11-6-15. 1monique-breva.

The air smells crisp and clean,

And when the rain comes,

It falls gently on

The yellow chrysanthemums.


The rain holds wonderful scents

That reflect the treasures  of earth.

Yellow, orange, and red leaves dance

While children laugh with mirth.


Trees catch the last rays of the sun,

And leaves fall to the ground.

Death touches all living things

And leaves without a sound.





Losses Occur In Life.


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Found on Pinterest on 12-20-16 and facebook.com. Tammikuun Aurinko.

The River rises in the darkness,

And the wind snaps giant trees.

Cold moves down from the mountains,

And plants droop as they freeze.


The storm releases its fury,

And a huge tree falls down,

To lie helpless and alone

On the hard, frozen ground. 


Nature can hit without warning.

Destruction, can be the result.

Losses occur in life,

And often, it is nobody’s fault.


For storms are a part of nature,

And life gives and it takes.

Trees fall in the forest,

And loving hearts can break.



















Books That Feed My Soul.

In times of stress, books can inspire us, comfort us, and guide us when our hearts are overwhelmed with grief and anxiety. Here are the titles of some of my favorite books. May they bring a little peace into your lives.


  1. Love You Forever. Robert Munsch.
  2. Into the Wilderness. Stephen Lyman.
  3. Leaves From A Child’s Garden Of Verses. Robert Louis Stevenson.
  4. Mother West Wind Series. Thornton W. Burgess.
  5. Life Lessons. Robert C. Savage.
  6. The Fall of Freddie the Leaf. Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.
  7. Friends. Jerry Gillies.
  8. God Moments For Women. Carolyn Larsen.
  9. Favorite Poems: Old and New. Helen Ferris.
  10. On The Day You Were Born. Debra Frasier.
  11. Listening To Nature: How To Deepen Your Awareness of Nature. Joseph Cornell.
  12. Someone Special. Marilee Zdenek.
  13. Angel Kisses. Sandra Kuck.
  14. The Little Prince. Antoine De Saint-Exupery.
  15. The Girl, the Rock, and the Water. Caryn L. Summers, R.N.
  16. Any Books By Gene Stratton-Porter.
  17. Bedside Blessings. Charles Swindoll.
  18. 50 Things You Need To Know About Heaven. Dr. John Hart.
  19. Bedside Prayers. June Cotner.
  20. Total Forgiveness. R.T. Kindall.
  21. The Gift of Therapy. Irvin D. Yalom, M.D.

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Reflections On Persistence:

Good memories are what gets us through the hard times. Our world is full of chaos and many people are feeling anxious. It helps when we can laugh when we are full of pain, some of the time. Looking back on this part of my life, helps me laugh.


While I was growing up, I lived a very sheltered life. I had lived in four different agencies that cared for children by the time I was eighteen. My social skills were limited and I had never traveled anywhere until I entered college.

In college, I was fortunate in finding  work while I attended school. I learned how to spend money on root beer floats and hamburgers. I didn’t have a car and most students who lived in the dorms  stayed on campus for lack of transportation. We became a close-knit community out in the middle of no where, far from the rest of civilization.

As a freshman, our stately institution created an initiation for the first year students. It was called “Fish Week.” I had to wear a dorky looking cardboard hat on my head that stayed in place with an elastic string that rested under the chin. Trust me, it…

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Where Did The Good Times Go?


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I miss seeing people smile,                                  

Found on Pinterest on 5-30-17. Painting of Vicente Romero. Polly Weitering Art Paintings.

Taking the time to help each other,

Sitting down at the kitchen table,

And complimenting one another.


I miss seeing children read,                                    

Playing outside in the sunlight,

Laughing so hard they cry,

And walking together at night.


I miss children saying hello, 

Gathering flowers for the old,

Asking questions about God,

And sharing mittens when it’s cold.

Found on Pinterest on 5-8-16. The rain.


What happened to this world                               

 When we all fell asleep?

Technology took control,

And all we do is weep.